Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Friday Goodness.....

Good Morning my beautiful Friends, 
You are loved and highly esteemed 
and I hope you are having a beautiful
fall day in your part of the planet.
The weather here has been all things 
Cold at night and cool in the day.

Beautiful fall.

The leaves are turning and we may or
may not have a little trip planned soon.

So I know I'm suppose to be posting 
everyday as part of The Nesters 31 Days
of Change.
I have the posts in my head, just can't seem
to get myself sat down with a clear head
long enough to get them written.
So we will see how the rest of the month 

Oh. OH. OH....Next Thursday starts the
beginning of my Thanksgiving Thursday
posts.  Every Thursday until Thanksgiving
I will bring you a posts all things Thanksgiving.
I heart Thanksgiving.
Heart it!!
And You.

So my friends, this is Random Friday at
it's finest.
Let's go.....

So Sir Cuteness wanted to join me on my
walk last night.  So I very joyfully obliged.
We walked and talked and walked some 
more, and ran a little.  
He is getting fast.
I am still slow.  
Life goes on.

The funniest thing, he wanted to take his
iPod and my ear buds last night, so he 
could "listen to his music, grandma."
So again, of course, I obliged.

Well he has it one song that repeats over
and over..... Its Georgia Satellites "Keep
Your Hands to Yourself"  HAHAHAHA.....
Cracks me up!

We walked (him with hands  in his pockets
practically the whole time) and walked and
walked and he sang.....
"I got a little change  in my pocket
going jing-a-ling-a-ling, I wanna call you
on the telephone bayba, give you ring."

It was the funniest and cutest thing in 
the world!!   I LOVE HIM SO!!!

Then a couple of days ago, I made my 
first ever Green Monster Smoothie.
I'm not sure why they are called this,
but it was anything but monsterous.
It was so stinkin' good!!
I did put a banana in this one, but I can't
all the time, because I have to limit my
banana intake because I am severely
allergic to latex.
i tell you.
But this was delish.
And yesterday I tried one with mango.
It was also delish.  Not quite as good 
as the banana, but definitely good.
And I made them in my Magic Bullet
I got recently.
Where has this thing been all my life?
Just sayin'


And we have been fire pitting it up.
Complete with gbabe and s'mores.
A fab combo I must tell you.

It has been good nights for such.

I bought a new headband.
Let me just say, I love headbands,
they give me such a headache.
But these lace ones are so stinkin'
cute and I have wanted one for ever
so long.  So I bought this one at
Charming Charlies and guess what?
It hurts my head.
But I am wearing it anyway, and 
sometimes have to take ibuprofen
to do so.  I'm over it.
I shall wear it anyway.
I washed it yesterday and stretched
it while wet and that has seemed to 
help.  I wear it as we "speak" and so
far ok.  We shall see.
(Sorry about the crazy eyes.  
Focus on the headband people,
the headband, or the cute new
shower curtain in the back.  yeah,
or that.)

I broke my beloved McAlister's water 
glass.  =(  So what's a girl to do?  Go
to Target of course and get a cute new
one on clearance for $6.49 and do a 
happy dance in the aisle.... I got a little 
change in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling.....
I digress.....

And then there's this one.
Oh stop it..... the cuteness.
And the sweetness.
He called me yesterday,
because he had texted me
and I hadn't responed and he
was worried.  
Sweet thang.
Sweet adorable thang.

So I ask you, does it get anymore random than this?
Probably not.
But that's what Random Friday's are all about, right?

I love y'all!!
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~


  1. Okay, I have a plan. Don't ever answer a text message and then you'll always get a follow up phone call :) Sick, I know. But, I'd totally do it - haha

  2. I totally LOVE that water bottle!!!!

    AND that headband. I get headaches from where they push in on the temples too. I can only make it during church & then they're thrown in the closet again.

    Sir Cuteness is KILLING me with those outfits.. & him knowing that song?!?!?! Hilarious! I bet those are great walks & talks :)