Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And He Perked Right Up..... =)

So a few Sundays ago,
Chase called us and said
Sky wasn't feeling good and wanted
PaPa & Grandma.
They had gone to Eric's after church
and Sky was a little under the weather.
So off we went.
Off to get our little man.
Thinking all the while that we'd come back
once we got there,
he was suddenly fine =)
And he wanted to road trip.
So we obliged.
Its a tough job,
but ya know, 
someones gotta do it.

So we headed to Branson and the
Tablerock Fish Hatchery and dam.
It was SO very beautiful
and fun!!!

I mean look at this.
So beautiful.

Oh my goodness.....
I am smitten.

I tell you!

The lake just shows off
I tell you.
Shows off!!

And fall in the Ozarks this year
just seriously showed off!!

Be still my heart.
Be still it.
My loves.
My sweet, amazing loves.

This overlook is stunning!


And then, of course we did 
have to get home,
and this boy needed a haircut =)
It was picture week.  
I seriously love these two.  
Its serious.

So are you wondering why I am
posting this now?
Well, I'm so glad you asked.....
I got a new computer that I can 
post from.
Its so wonderful!!!  

So I just may have to play a little fall catch up.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 


  1. So you couldn't have shared? I'm just right up the road. Geeez.

  2. YIPEE for new computer! Does it have that new computer smell? :)

    I love all nature beauty like that..trees, streams, color.. so peaceful.

    me thinks someone just wanted a visit :)