Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful.....SO Thankful

I love it.
I LOVE spending time with my Mr. Winslow's family,
and my family,
and our family,
and Georgia.
I love them.
They make my heart so full.

Then on Friday,
I will be fixing Thanksgiving dinner 
for our little lovely crew.
They make my heart SO full and melt,
all at the same time.

So I really just want to list a few things
I am SO very thankful for.

1).  JESUS!!!
My LORD and Savior.
He has completely changed and transformed
my life and continues to do so.
I am so thankful that He is my
ever present help.

2).  MY HUSBAND!!!
Seriously, this man.
He loves me so unconditionally,
and he loves me DEEP.
He understands me.
He gets me.
And still loves me.  =)
It is truly a beautiful thing.
He desires for me to be everything
I was created to be.
He loves me like Christ loves the church,
and he leads me to Jesus.
He helps me to grow in my faith.
It is important to him.
I love him SO!!!

I love this picture of us.
This is the place where we had to be rescued.
We still love this place.

Here's a Throwback Thursday for you.
This was about 10 years ago or so.

He is the best husband and PaPa.

3).  MY G-BABE!!!
Oh goodness,
this babe!!
Yes I know he is five now,
but he is my wee babe.
He melts my heart.
He says the sweetest things.
He hugs me like no one ever.
And he is NOT strong-willed.
It is amazing!!!
If you tell him to not do something,
he's okay with it,
most of the time =)
He desires to do good.
He loves us.
He wants us to be proud of him.
And we are.

Oh seriously.
He is the cutest,
sweetest babe you have ever seen.

This picture just melts my heart.

And he's fierce.
Seriously fierce.

4).  MY DAK!!!
He is my strong-willed,
sensitive, sweet
man child.
It seems to me that he should still be
a little boy.
He is all grown up.
It happens fast mama's.

This was last Christmas.
How cute is he?

Yep, the boy has some serious hair.

 This is one of my fav pics of him.

My Girl!!!
The Beautiful Miss A.
When the LORD brought this child into my life,
I didn't realize how much I was missing.
I needed her and I didn't even know it.
She is the best of people.
She loves deep.
Hurts deep.
Lives deep.

I LOVE her!!!

She is so beautiful.
Inside and out.

I could seriously go on and on.....
and on and on......
AND on and on!!!

I am so thankful for you too
my bloggy peeps.
You truly Bless my life,
and one day we need to have a meet up.
Let's just do it, ok?
Glad that's settled.


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