Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Goodness Complete ~~ And now onto Christmas!

So let me share our Thanksgiving 
in a few pics.
Shall we?
Yes Indeed.

We started out at My Mr. Winslow's
Look how cute.
And calm.

And then we went to my families.
ANYTHING but calm =)
We are just cool like that.

Me and my Dak.
Oh my Dak.
Isn't he cute?

Mom and her boyfriend John.
Aren't they sweet?

Adam and Anna....
and the photo bomber =)

And the photo bombing continued.
Yeah, it was epic!! =)

my sister is cracking.me.up.

Pretty much sums us up.

Ahhh.....so sweet.

My sister cracks.me.up.

Funny, Funny, Funny.girl!!!

And speaking of funny.....
your welcome =)

And now I'm just tired.
Seems all this Thanksgiving goodness
leaves me tired.
And stoic.
And Tired.

Hahahahaha.....Sir Cuteness is just completely
intrigued with Photo Booth on my new computer.
Yeah I just eat him up.
Caught me.

So now its on to Christmas.
I will be sharing some fun fun stuff!!

Love y'all ~~ have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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  1. Ahh - Dak.. haven't seen him in awhile :)

    Looks like fun fun fun!!! :)