Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guest Blogging.....

Good morning dear friends,
A few weeks ago I got an email from my dear friend Deidre, asking me if I would pray about being a guest blogger on her blog for a series of posts she was doing in February.  She asked me if I would share my testimony and what God has taught me about receiving His love for me.

I did pray about it, and knew almost immediately that God would have me do this.  The only question was which part of my testimony would God have me share?  You see, I have walked quite a broken road in my life.  There are many aspects of my life that have been hard and things I couldn't have changed, but at the same time, there are many aspects that have been hard that I could have changed had I chosen a better way, but at the time I didn't.  There is a testimony certainly in that as well and all the lessons God as taught me along the way.

So I prayed and sought God and my answer came about an hour after reading Deidre's email.  God wasn't playing.  I asked Him to show me clearly, and through a divine appointment, He did.  

After I wrote this post on a quiet Saturday morning, I read it to my Mr. Winslow.  We sobbed over the sadness and rejoiced in the goodness of our LORD.  Yes, all these years later, we still weep over this time.  

As I think about my testimony I am struck by the glorious redemption God has brought to the broken places.  He has truly given me beauty for ashes.

So if you would like to read the story of this broken part of my road, please go here.
But do please note that my prayer is that you, dear one, see Jesus ALL over it!!  You see, this story really isn't about me, its ALL about Him.  He is good, and He does good.  ALWAYS.

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for reading.



  1. I just read it... you are so incredible to share your testimony so open & honest. you are just amazing!

  2. wow, what a testimony. I have been following Deidre's blog also. I had to go to God with my insecurities. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Dawn, I wish we could sit down together so I could tell you about my day. It started with emails from those who read your testimony BEFORE 6am and had to share their hearts with me. (God is WORKING). I had two phone calls today from ladies in my church. Both had just read your testimony and, through tears, were sharing life-long struggles and heartaches. Then, another stopped me at church tonight. I'm so full! God knows so much more than we do and uses things we could never imagine. Bless your sweet, obedient heart! He is using you. Take this as an enormous green light to KEEP SHARING!!! I love, love, love you friend!