Monday, February 17, 2014

And Then I Tried.....

Tomahawk throwing.
No need to adjust your screen.
That is right.
I, dawn, a.k.a. city girl.  girly girl.
Went Tomahawk throwing.
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here let me show you.....

As great as this throw was there were many more miscues,
but when I got the hang of it,
I started understanding the throw.

My Mr. Winslow made the tomahawk I am throwing.
He is SO talented.
He is making me my own.

We are going to take them with us
this summer for all our camping trips.

I'm feeling it =)

On the fast track to being a professional
tomahawk thrower (I wish!).
But it's a start =)

Yep, it was a FUN weekend with my man.
I can't wait to do this again!!

Have a Super Day ~~ 


  1. OH.MY.GOLLY!!! Look at you go!!!
    I'd be afraid when I brought it behind me, I'd put it right in the back of my head... my luck...
    You could join a lumberjack competition!!! :)

  2. OH what fun!! I doubt I could ever hit anything.... I have no aim, nor sense of direction.