Monday, August 17, 2015

The Stuff of Life

On our best day,
all dressed up,
all ready to go,
you know,
we are not good enough.
Sin separates
Christ unites.
That is Truth.

In our flesh, 
we try to make ourselves good.
We try to clean it up,
dress it up,
always be on.
We just can't.

On our own,
coming to God is impossible.
We could do every good thing,
and still,
apart from Christ,
fail to be able to come to Him,

But, Oh for the Grace of God,
He wants us to know Him.
To be able to come to Him.
So He made a way
through relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is the only Way.
Oh, but when we do that,
come to Him,
accept Him as our Savior,
He is our advocate,
our intercessor,
going to the Father on our behalf.

Amazing Grace
How Sweet the Sound
That Saved a Wretch like ME!
Once lost
Now found
now I see.

I'm so thankful for the Grace of God
to reach down into the mire
to save a wretch,
a total and complete wretch like me.
Thank you never seems enough.

I've started keeping a thankful journal.
3 things a day.
Oh how the Father opens up my heart
in 3 things a day.
I am a work in progress.

In Christ Alone ~~ dawn

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  1. You'll need to join me on Thursdays for Thankful Thursdays so you can put some of your favorites. I LOVE keeping eyes of gratitude open.

    HEYYYY praying friend - you have prayed me through every wedding. I have a wedding this Saturday. I thought, I need to tell Dawn :) You've stood in the gap for me to have great weddings in the past. Lift those prayers lady! <3 Love you friend