Sunday, January 3, 2016

Daniel Fast Day 1: Devotional - Confession

Welcome to Day 1 of the Daniel Fast Devotion.
Each day I will post a short devotional.
Thank you for devoting your time
to letting Jesus shine in your life.
Blessings ~~ 

It is not a dirty word, I promise.
It is necessary for the Christian.
In order for our lives to be a clear reflection of the Father,
we MUST keep our hearts right with Him.
Even though we are saved,
we still deal with a sin nature and an enemy of our souls
who wants to keep us in disobedience and sin if he can.
It is very important for our walk with the Father,
that we are confessing our sin to Him
because as Paul tells us in 1 John 1:9,
He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin
and purify us from ALL unrighteousness,
but we must confess.

So on this first day,
I want to encourage you to confess to the Father 
anything that is hindering you from being close to Him.
Any rotten attitude, wrong motive, bad behavior;
you know, sin.
Sin separates;
it never brings you closer to the Father.
But heart-felt confession and repentance draws you back
to the Father. 
He is not disappointed in you.
He loves you so!!!

So as we start on this journey today,
let me encourage you to:

Write down specific sins in your life that need to be confessed to God. 
Spend time in prayer, acknowledging your need for His forgiveness. 
Then, tear up your list as a physical sign of the spiritual reality 
that you’re no longer bound by those sins!
 Be sure to thank God for purifying you from all unrighteousness 
(1 John 1:9).

You are beautiful and loved.
Rest in the understanding that God loves you so
and this act of confession and repentance to draw
closer to Him, He will honor in your life.

In Christ Alone,

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  1. It's not like God doesn't know anyways - right?
    I love the idea of writing it & ripping it up... what a good visual