Friday, April 25, 2008

Family, Friends and Learning My Way Around!!

This week has been an incredibly busy one for me. Of course there was the PT (3 times this week), my mom had an appointment and then I spent sometime at her place working in her (weed) flower bed getting it ready for Spring/Summer flower planting. And then of course all the things that normally take up a day here in my cottage corner of the world :)

But Friday was an especially fun day!! Of course it was CYC day which always makes it fun and hectic and I wouldn't trade a minute of it!! When you know that God has called you to a place in your life and you are being obedient to that call there is just a peace that you feel. That is CYC (Clever-Youth-for-Christ) for me. The students in that class are so great. I love them all so much; they are unique and fascinating young people, and I know that at least for this season in my life, God has called me here to this place. Thank you Jesus!!

So after CYC I was home doing my "stuff", and my cousin, Heather called. (She's the family part of my heading today)!! Heather and I go way back (yes we are first cousins I know but apart from that we go way back as friends :); she is almost exactly 10 years younger than me. Her husband's job has moved them around a little and they now live in KY. I miss them so much!!!
They have some very exciting things going on that hopefully I'll be able to post about soon!! As we were talking I just felt so thankful in my heart to God for the blessing of Heather in my life ~~ she lifts me up and brightens my life!! She is just one of the best people you will ever meet!!

Now to the friends part of this posting!! I mentioned that CYC is on Friday's, well the actual leader of CYC is one of my really good friends, Carrie. Now Carrie is about 15 years younger than me. (I think I'm trying to re-capture my youth by having younger friends :) Her and her husband are building a new home. I am so thrilled for them, again they are just the best "kids"!! We are truly blessed to have them in our lives!! So she came over and we went to see their "hole in the ground"; literally!! They are now ready for foundation ~~ so exciting!!

As we were talking I just felt so peaceful and calmed and I just felt like God was really growing this friendship. God was so reminding me in these moments, that God loves us so much and wants us to be able to share our lives with others ~~ I love that about God. Not only has He given me a TERRIFIC HUSBAND, but also REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!!

I told Carrie yesterday that her and Heather both have really exciting things going on in their lives, and I was so happy that they was taking the time to share these things with me. Incidently Heather and Carrie are so much a like (and their husbands too), they really remind me of each other. Carrie is used to me calling her Heather or referring to Tim (Carrie's husband) as Cliff (Heather's husband ~~ did you get all that?) And when I do that we get a good belly laugh. (Again probably my age showing through ~~ but it's still hilarious)!!

Well, now to the "Learning my way around part" as I spent Friday with two of my favorite girlfiends (on the phone and in person), I was so thankful that I was still learning my way around this thing called life. I'm so inspired by these two young ladies and the lives they live for Jesus. It inspires me and gives me hope!! I see their young lives being poured out as an offering to our Father and my heart is full. It makes me want to make sure my own "pitcher" is full and tilted in the pouring position with whatever I have and whatever I am, being poured out for the sake of Christ Jesus my Lord!!

Thank you for listening~~
In Christ Alone,

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