Monday, April 7, 2008

A Well-Loved Woman with a Garden!!

I'm so excited to say that our garden is well under way.

Have I mentioned lately just how great my man is? He is absolutely the best!!! He patiently listens to me tell him my most interesting moments of the day (which generally consist of bugs in the yard and dirt on the floor), but he listens none-the-less. He is kind beyond measure and most of all? He loves God and because of that he is able to love me without condition. He has taught me so much about life and love, and I am absolutely head-over-heels in love (and like) with my husband; because you see, I believe not only do I need to love my husband, but also I need to like him; like to spend time with him, like to talk to him, like to just sit on the couch and lean into him as we watch TV or talk or just -- nothing. We can do nothing and I love it.

So what does our garden and my man have to do with each other ~~ well everything!! I have wanted a garden for a few seasons now, but it just has not worked out, usually my health has not been well enough to work a garden, and this year I will need help because of the knees, but I know I will have all the help I need in my "boys"!!

So He built the frame for our garden yesterday, and then today he has been working on getting it ready to add the dirt. It looks so very good. He works so hard for us, because he believes in us and in me. I never doubt how he feels about me, it is evident every time he looks at me. I am a well-loved woman.

So here is the frame almost finished. He put the last bolts in it when he got home this evening and he dug a lot of it up to get ready for dirt. I can't tell you the joy this brings me.

Yes the chair you see dutifully sitting there is for me. He wouldn't let me carry the boards or bend down and hold them while he screwed them in, but I did get to hand him the bolts and plug things in and watch. . .it was great!!! I am a hands on kind of girl, but sometimes I don't use the best sense; my stubbornness gets the better of me sometimes, but thankfully my husband watches over me and helps me use my head. (Bad knees = patience, or should anyway:)

I have been having a very difficult time with my knees again and it is so nice to have something to look forward to, and I am so looking forward to planting and watching our garden grow and then harvesting the fruit of our labors.

Yes, I am a well-loved woman ~~ with a garden!!!!!


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