Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Isn't She Lovely. . .Isn't He Wonderful. . .

So hello all!! How's life treating you? I hope groovy :)

I got to see mom today, she had an appointment with Michelle to do some fine tuning on the brace she wears on her leg, so we met up and went to that and then had lunch with my sis Dena. It was so much fun!! I just wish my sis Rhonda could have joined us!!

Mom left after lunch, I had PT and she had a date at the beauty salon. Well, about 4:00 or so (I was home by then) I looked out and mom had driven up with her new do!! Too Cute Mom!! So what did this middle child do? What any good M-C does, I grabbed the camera and took pics and since Dakota got a hair cut yesterday, I had him join in on the fun with his Grams.

So since I took 13 pics in all I decided to put them in another slide show for you. So sit down, grab a nice glass of iced tea (w/Splenda :) or coffee :), kick back and relax!! These are just too cute ~~ Be sure to read the captions ~~ These two are most definitely the "Cat's Meow!!"

Click to play ~~ The Kids' Haircuts ~~
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Have a GREAT day!!

Love and Hugs,


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  1. I love the new haircuts. Dakota's looks great. I wish my son would grow his out a little. He got his first buzz 2 years ago and has loved it. Your mom's hair looks great as well, very stylish.