Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Good morning all!! I hope you had a blessed weekend. We had such a nice time with Dick being home. Although on Saturday I stressed over our garden. Now keep in mind that stressing for me is not unusual, but I hadn't done silly stress things in quite a while, and as I look back on it, yep silly is a really good way to explain it!!

On Saturday, I went to Garden Adventures (a local nursey) to talk with the owner (a guy I went to high school with) to see what else we needed to add to get our garden ready for planting. But when I got there they had some kind of a crafts/plant thing going on with a parking lot FULL of cars and a nursery FULL of people taking their attention, so I left there and went to Nixa Hardware where I was snubbed by a cashier who was flirting with the woman in front of me (oh brother), so I did what any woman with a head about her does, I left. I know when defeat has set in. So decided I'd go home and then go one to Lowe's. Well that was not really helpful either, now I'd wasted all day trying to get to work in my garden. Well yesterday I woke up with renewed hope; I just love that about God, His mercies are new every morning!! And found a great web site that was very helpful and today I'm calling the local Extension Center to see if anything really needs to be added to get me ready to go!! I'm feeling better already (I think :)!!

We went to church yesterday and I was soooooooo happy!! We hadn't been in two weeks. Two weekends ago was when my knee locked, and then last weekend Dick was running a fever, but this weekend we were healthy!! And church was GREAT! Our church went to three services the weekend of March 17th and it is so great, because the third service (the one we attend) is not nearly as crowded. And yesterday we got to hear the choir sing a great song by Chris Tomlin - In this City - I believe this is a new song, our choir had never done it before anyway, and wow was it awesome!! Our Pastor had the choir sing in again in an encore performance. So GREAT!!

Well, today Dakota only has a half day so we'll be off to town for a haircut (him not me) and PT (me not him:). I hope you all have a blessed day.


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