Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wow What a Weekend!!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend. On Saturday, Dick and I worked out in our front yard bed. It needs a drastic renovation. We moved into our house four years ago this June 1st, and since that time we've only put down new mulch once and only on just part of the front bed; so it was time. We weeded and dug around in the dirt, and made many enemies of our worm population; they prefer the dirt left alone, but we dug anyway undeterred by their wiggling themselves into our way :)

As I was working on the part of the bed by our big rose bush I looked down and there was a beautiful little lady bug just perched on our rose bush. This first pic is of this lovely rose bush just starting to peek forth from what appears our dead branches. Isn't it great how that works. Roses in the winter look dead, but come spring. . .they come forth in all their splendor. . .I love spring. I love that there is a spiritual spring as well. Just when it looks like winter has stolen the show, Jesus comes in and spring has sprung everlasting and eternal. He takes what looks dead on the outside and breathes new life into it and wow what a transformation!!

On Thursday my PT told me I could start walking (for exercise), WOO-HOO!! I was so excited!! I have not been able to do much cardio in over a year because of my really bad knees, so I was stoked. After our time playing in the dirt, Dick wanted to know if I was up for a walk. Are you kidding me? I grabbed my shoes (I couldn't decide which shoes to wear ~~ yes I know we're talking walking, but I was so excited I wanted to make the most of my time on the trail fashionable and all :) We got over to the battlefield where we walk and I took off on my snail pace, but just happy to be outside. I walked and walked and looked at the beautiful sky listened to the brook in the background; priceless. I went 2 miles on Saturday very proud of myself ~~ way to go I was thinking.

And then Sunday Morning!! I woke up to a startle: my knee (the right one - yep the one I had surgery on back in Feb) was locked!! Are you kidding me?!! Nope it was locked. I couldn't believe it. Dick jumped out of bed (did I mention I have the BEST husband in the world), and helped take the pressure off of it, wow that was some serious pain!! It eventually came out and I went in and iced, but it kept us from going to church (which was such a bummer). I was not a happy camper ~~ Then I did a sweep on my computer and it had caught a bug (and not the lady bug type) ~~ now I was really unhappy ~~ but my husband being the awesome guy he is tackled the bug and my bad mood and built my garden bed. . . .

This post has ran really long, so I'll be getting some pics up of our new garden bed maybe later today. IT IS SO GREAT!!!!!!

Have a great day all!!

In Christ Alone,

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