Friday, May 30, 2008

If its Friday that must mean. . .

GARAGE SALES!! WOO-HOO!! Okay I know I've said it before, but I love, love, love garage sales. So today I didn't go crazy but I did get some REALLY cute things.

So first up can anyone say sandals? Yeah!! I just love sandals they make my feet feel free. I got both of these at one sale. The green ones are a tad big, but for .50 no problem. They'll be great to kick around in this summer.

Okay, so normally my foot would not make its debut online like this, but after all are these not the cutest .50 sandals you have ever seen? My foot just had to show 'em off!!
This dress is sooooooo cute, but it is a little shorter than I like. Generally I don't show my always scarred and swollen knees in a girly dress like this one, but it will make a cute sun dress.
Here is a pillow ~~ oh how I love sunflowers. Now I will have to put my sunflower quilt back on our guest bed!!
And this is the flip side of this cute pillow!!
Okay now let's take a break from the garage sale finds for a moment. When I got my camera out to take the pics, Dakota decided he needed to get in on the act. He's becoming quite the ham, and what a cute ham he is :)

Okay, back to the GS finds. . .Here is one of my fav finds of the day. This is a picnic basket that looks like a little case. I've seen these before, but usually they are crooked when they're closed ~~ but not this one. It's in beautiful condition!!
Voila here it is opened!! It's pretty in pink and for just $2.50 ~~ too cute!!
And because I make all things a centerpiece if possible, here it is with the garland I made and that cute, cute candle with ribbon.

Well, what do you think? Not to bad huh? Great day on the GS scene!!
Have a beautiful weekend,


  1. Dawn,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog from Faith's blog. I am anxious to use some of my pictures, but am still not that proficient with the whole "blogging thing"! I will catch on eventually, though! I love your garage sale finds. It is always exciting to find deals like that, isn't it? Please come back and visit my blog again. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. CUTE sandals...and wow, such a bargain too!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog last week. I'm glad to have discovered yours!

    By the way, I stopped at a yard sale on Saturday and didn't buy one single thing. I think I got there after all the good stuff was gone. :(

  3. ooooh what lovely buys! I love the basket, it's adorable!