Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm a Goober and this is my Living Room :)

Well, at Kelly's blog she asked those who visit her site to show their favorite rooms in their house. So I was looking at some of the others and thought, "oh I need to take pics of our bedroom", because I love our bed. Well, I was fidgeting with the linky thing on her site and ended up with mine on hers, so uhh I better hurry up and post some pics on my site, so I hurried and took some pics of my living room, because my bedroom is in laundry mode. So yes indeed I am a goober, but here are my pics :0)
This is our couch that we have a matching oversize chair to match that we love!!
Okay so this is a book shelf that we've made as a pic station and plant stand and again I love it!! Also the coffee table is a mission furniture that I also love and it usually houses my laptop.
And see this is of course one of my favorite things in my living room: the Teen!!
He is in the recliner that my husband bought me the day before my hysterectomy 2 years ago.
I'ts an Ashley ~~ and yes I love it and the boy in it and the husband that bought it!!

This is a great piece of art that my husband bought me for Christmas several years ago.

I love old houses that are pretty much not liveable anymore, because I think they are so nostalgic. This is a house he lived in as a kid, so he took a pic of it and then had a photographer super impose (I think) pics of him and his sis when he was a kid and his mom and dad when they were still married. It is the neatest pic/art I've ever seen.

Okay, so sorry I'm a goober, but I do love our living room and our cottage house. It is very sweet and very us!!

Love and hugs, Dawn


  1. Thanks for posting!!!! Great living room - very cozy and looks like a great place to hang out!
    Your son is so cute!
    And that picture is VERY neat!!!!

  2. What a great sofa to curl up on! I know your family must really enjoy it. I love your special photo too.

  3. Hi friend....thanks for sharing your great living room. Looks like a comfy hang out place. Can't wait to hear what else you find at the Yard Sales this weekend.