Friday, June 13, 2008

If You Pick 'em - You Gotta Pit 'em!!

So I guess you know from the title what that means?
Remember these? Yep the cherries I didn't really pick many of but reaped the benefits ~~
don't you love that? Huh yeah . . .
Until this!! It's time to pit ~~ well ain't that the pits (hahahahahahah I crack myself up!! :0)
So I gathered the gang (child Dakota and the Grandmother)
But they had to wear gloves!! Gloves - oh brother!! Come on you two live a little ~~~ get those hands red and cherry pit lookin' ~~ uhh yeah that wasn't happening!! But me? -- no gloves for me ~~ and yes today I am sporting the latest look in cherry pittin' hands ~~ priceless :)

So here is Dakota in his natural state around my mother. These two seriously can NEVER keep a straight face around each other ~~ I love it!!

So here is the fruit of our labor ~ get it fruit, cherries, okay never mind :)

Here is the hired hands ~~ (yep I had to fix lunch and buy ice cream ~~ really now ice cream too)

Okay so my pics are a bit out of order, but here is my mother with her gloves on. She really does have beautiful nails, so we couldn't get those messed up!!

So here is my beautiful mother ~~ always ready and willing to help me with whatever!!

Love you mom!!

So I'm sure you can tell from the pics that yesterday was a really good day!! It is always a good day when you can spend it with fam ~~ I love these two more than I can say!! They're just the best!!

God is so good and I am so thankful for His grace and mercy. God, you my Father are the BEST!! Thank you for always being there, always!! And thank you for this great family You allow me to be a part of!! Thank you God, Amen

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Love and hugs, Dawn

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  1. You are funny! I have never done this before, but it looks like a messy job...I think I would have gone with the gloves too! Glad y'all had fun!