Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Roundup ~~ I'm Exhausted

Well, what a weekend!!

First it rained on Friday like it was never going to rain again!! I'd gone into a local town to take my neighbor to get her truck out of the shop, and decided I needed to make a stop at WM while I was out. Oh brother ~~ why don't I pay attention to the weather? It had rained off and on all day and heavy at times, but it wasn't even hardly raining when I went it. Well, that didn't last. I mean it started dumping rain from the heavens ~~ dumping!! So I got my groceries and headed to the car and I got completely drowneded rat kind of soaked ~~ It was ridiculous!! It even closed our road ~~ what? Crazy I tell ya Crazy!! Dakota was dog sitting at the neighbors while all this was going on. Thank goodness he wasn't alone ~~ nope he had a 4.9 lb toy poodle to protect him :) All was fine in the end, but it made for a harrowing driving experience. Oh yeah and it's suppose to rain again tonight could be 1-3 inches. We are up like 17 inches for the year ~~ wow that's a lot!!

So then on Saturday my hubby and I went to the movies. Yep date day!! Too fun!! We went to see "Prince Caspian". Now let me just say, it was okay. Not nearly as good as the first one, but it did have some very meaningful parts in it. Just overall not as good, and it didn't stay with the book. But still made for a nice date day!!

Then we went to see Chase. I love that kid!! He is finding his way and we are so thankful. He will have our first grandbaby in a little over a month. Can you believe it? We are just thrilled. He and Tonya will be having a baby boy; Sklar Clyde (after Dick's grandfather that passed away last September).

So after that we went and ate at one of my fav's McAlisters Deli. I had the veggie spud. If you've never had one you really should, really ~~ Delious!!

Then we got home and it was the weirdest feeling. We walked up to the door talking and laughing and it is standing wide open ~~ uhh ~~ what do you do with that? My husband always thinks of me first, he tossed me the keys in case I needed to make a get away (like I'd a left him here), but when he got in nothing was touched; nothing. My computer was sitting in the living room and his in the study. We aren't sure if we just left the door open when we left or what. If we did that would be really really weird, because if you know my husband you understand how cautious he is. He doesn't even like the door open when we are here. So we can't imagine that we'd have left it open, but we think that is what happened.

Then yesterday we went to see Dick's dad and had a GREAT day!! Eva (Dick's stepmom) and Leah (Dick's lil sister) cooked out. It was such good food and a very nice day.

I just want to say to my husband, you my sweet, are the most thoughtful, loving and gracious dad I've ever been privledge to be around. I've learned so much from you. Thank you for setting that kind of example. Happy Father's Day baby ~~ You Rock!!

And to my own dad, we don't get to spend much time together, but know that I love you and miss you and hope you are well.

Hope you all had a GREAT Father's day,

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend! That is so weird about the door...I'm glad everything is okay!
    Chad wants to go see Prince Caspian, but I'll have to tell him about your review.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!