Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Boy am I in Trouble . . .

Uhh okay let me start by saying that, uhh yep I'm in trouble.

My sis e-mailed me yesterday and her and my niece Becca had gotten on the blog to see pics of my day at Big Cedar with them, and uhh well, uhh, yeah I hadn't posted any ~~ Bad blogger, Bad "older" sister ~~ Bad :)

So today is a new day, and I'm turning over a new leaf, and by golly I'm posting those pics today :0)
So here is my adorable "baby" sis!! ~~ Love you Dena ~~

So since I have an adorable sis of course I have an even more adorable neice!!

This is my sis and B-I-L ~~ look how cute they are!! Love you guys!!
Yes and I had to put this pic in there ~~ my fav!!
Okay so here is our summer (rainy) day yesterday. Here is Dakota doing what Dakota does, but for some reason doing it in the living room!!
Oh yeah and this would be why ~~ the eye sore Jumbo Tron!!
Men and big TV's what can I say!!

And then my friend Georgia and I went to her sis's and picked cherries.
Okay, uhh actually she picked and I sat for the most part.
Okay, but the reason is she was up on a ladder - a wooden one - yeah didn't look safe to me :)
But here is the result ~~ thanks Georgia ~~ what a good friend you are!!
Oh yeah but whose going to pit this things? That would be me!!

I hope you all have a GREAT day!!

Take some time to read the Word, study and spend time with Jesus. You will never be sorry you did ~~ He is altogether good and altogether trustworthy!!

Take some time, float down a lazy river, pick some cherries, read a good book, relax it's (almost) summer!!

Love and hugs to ya,


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  1. Well you're out of the "doghouse" with your sisters now! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Those cherries would make an awesome cherry cobbler!