Monday, July 21, 2008

Decisions. . . .Decisions. . . What's a Girl to do?!!?

Well, Good Monday Morning to you!! I hope your weekend went well!! Ours was fun and interesting.

Last Sunday while we were laying in bed getting ready to get up and around for church, I asked my sweet husband how he felt about Thanksgiving in July just without all the company (yeah he never knows where I'm going :) I like to keep him guessing :) Well I explained to him that I had a turkey in the freezer that really needed to make it's entrance onto the table because I needed the room and it had been in there since Christmas time. So since he loves turkey he was all for it, and not to have to clean for two weeks and deal with me all stressed out is an added bonus to Thanksgiving in July (hahahaha)!!

So Friday, that's what I did. I brined the turkey Thursday evening and cooked it on Friday and can I just say ~~ YUM!! If you've never brined a turkey you should, you REALLY should!! It comes out so moist and juicy. Not to mention I stuffed it full of garden herbs like rosemary and thyme ~~ be still my heart!! Delious!! So what does one fix with turkey in the summer ~~ yep corn-on-the-cob and brown rice cooked in chicken stock and then add cashews at the table!! I'm telling ya, you need to give this one a try ~~ YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Well, on Saturday we decided it was time to go check out the new digital box thingys we're going to need come Feb something or another 2009 (you can tell I'm really up-to-date:) !! What a crazy thing this is. You can get coupons for $40.00 off from the government, but you have to send for them. It takes like almost a month for them to send them out and then another like 7-10 days for you to get them in the mail. And then if you go to Radio Shack you can't even buy them on the spot, you give them the coupon and they send you the box thingy in another 5 days or so to your house ~~ I was exhausted just hearing about all the hoops one must jump through just to not pay for TV (which we don't and yes we have the rabbit ears on our 52" TV (I have boys) and yes I know it seems a little crazy not to have a satellite hanging from my roof, but I am unconventional and not paying an astronomical amount just to watch TV ~~ okay off the soap box ~~ I'm done ~~ stick a fork in me ~~ moving on ~~ :) And yes my son does think it is cruel and unusual punishment not to have 5,417 channels, but life marches on, yes it does. My husband says one day Dakota will be telling his kids: "Yes kids, daddy didn't even have cable on his TV or Internet in his room." hahahahahaha

Okay so moving on, really I'm moving on now ~~ so then we went to Best Buy and found out you could buy this box thingys without ordering them. So we filed that under things to know, and I figure that will be something we purchase before our coupons come in because the Olympics start 8/08/08 and we are HUGE Olympic fans and our NBC station yep, really fuzzy with the 'ole rabbit ears, so I'm sure coupon or no we will be getting a box thingy for the monstrosity that is our TV :)

So again, moving on, well then we went to Target and can I just say ~~ love that store!! My bag that I bought there in the Spring, well it's unraveling at the strap and since I totally dig that bag I figured I'd better get another, before it completely gives it up and I'm left holding the bag ~~ ohhhh I crack myself up ~~ yep that was BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!

So here is the bag I bought in the spring ~~ yes I know, adorable!!
But . . .

It is starting to unravel, and since I carry a lot of my stuff and the boy's stuff . . .

It was time for a new one.

TA-DA !! Enter new bag!!

So how cute is this little lovely jewel? I love it!!

I tried to zoom in so you could see what is perched on this bag's material ~~ yep BEES!!

How cute is that?!?! My hubby says it looks like me and you know what? Yep he's right!!

So what in the world does any part of this post have to do with having to make decisions. Well, what I haven't told you is that the knee went kaplooy again this weekend. Yep on Saturday when we got home I was getting ready to fix supper and a very serious pain attacked my knee, different than I've felt before, serious bummer!! But let me just take the time to say I have the BEST husband and son a girl could ask for. They jumped right into help mode and fixed supper and iced me down practically simultaneously ~~ They are THE BEST GUYS!!!

So now the decisions have to begin I guess. I'm calling the doc today and have him get the ball rolling for the Mayo Clinic. He has suggested that I go there for help. He said there is nothing more they can do for me in Springfield, MO. So I'm going to call his office today and see what we can do to get started. Please pray that God will show us favor and this process will go well. So if healing does not come supernaturally for me in this case then I pray that the Lord will touch me through medicine. I really want to be able to hike with my guys!!

I have a doc's appt this morning for some other things that have been going on, but I'll just keep you posted on that front.

It sounds like I'm really a mess, but truth be known I'm not. God is so very good to me, so even if nothing were to change on the knee front, I know that God is God and He absolutely knows best. I trust Him and He is always altogether good!!!!!!!

I was reading blogs last evening and went to one of my fav's MiMi's. You really must read her post from yesterday. It is OUTSTANDING!! I thought of it this morning during my quiet time. She is a very good writer and communicator. Great job MiMi thanks again for your guidance and your heart that comes right on through that blog of yours ~~ beautiful!!

Have a GREAT Monday!!

Love and Hugs,



  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I am so sorry to hear that your knee is giving you problems again. I know that can be so painful.

    I like the idea of Thanksgiving in July. I love turkey and don't know why most people only have it a couple of times a year. I bought a turkey breast on Saturday when I went to the store and now you have got me wanting to cook it.

    I'm curious about the cashews? Do you just cook the brown rice in chicken stock and add cashew halves to it when serving? I LOVE cashews and I love brown rice so this sounds like something I would really like.

    I'll be praying about your knee and please keep us updated on your progress.

    Thanks again for your sweet words.

  2. Mmmmm...Thanksgiving in July?? Sounds delicious!! The only thing I wouldn't like about it is heating up the kitchen by cooking a turkey for four hours in this heat and humidity! Your brown rice and cashews sounds yummy! Is that all there is to it? Just add cashews to brown rice?

    I'm sorry about your knee!! You definitely need to get that looked at. I hope you can get some help with it asap!

    Your bag is so cute! I hope you have a great week, Dawn!!

  3. Oh sure, wait until the weekend I'm out of town to make that wonderful dinner ;) Otherwise, I would have made the drive!! I'm so sorry about your knee. You know I will pray for you girlfriend!! The Mayo clinic is an amazing facility. My mom is at the one in Jacksonville right now. Please keep me updated!!