Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its the Simple Things . . .

It's raining a gentle cleansing rain today. I know this rain; this healing rain that washes away the complicated and leaves me relishing in the simple. I love this rain ~~ often it comes during a difficult season to remind me of my loving Father, who through the sacrifice of His dear Son Jesus, cleansed me by His blood and made me clean ~~ Oh yes it is cleansing.

The simple is on my heart today, not the profound. Like a simple knock on my door and standing on the other side waiting patiently for my ailing knees to carry me there, my neighbor, all smiles, with a BAG (WM size) full of fresh cut rosemary in hand and a warm heart asking genuine questions of concern.

The simplicity of my son inky out every last second before school begins on "late-start Wednesday" and opening the car door as I drive away just to say "I love you too mom!!"

It is the simple things that takes me aback. A smile from a stranger, a helping hand from a friend, a bag of rosemary from a neighbor. Over the weekend another neighbor sent her son over with a bag of Halloween goodies for the g-baby. She told me over the phone that it was "nothing much, just some things I picked up on the dollar rack at Target" (I love the dollar rack and Target). And oh the cutest little things were inside that little red bag; a "little monster" shirt, some mittens, a pumpkin blankie.

Oh yes it is the simplest of things that cause my heart to pause in Thanksgiving. And speaking of Thanksgiving. We have been trying to decide what we might do this year. My knee surgery is only 2 weeks and 2 days before the day of Thanks. So I've been discussing what we might do, since usually we have it here at our humble abode. I think my mom is thinking about having it at her apartment this year.

Well, I was talking this over with the boys (Dick and Dak) last night, and Dak made a sparkling statement ~~ just sparkling !! ~~ he said "I'll make Thanksgiving dinner." Simple. I love that kid!! So then I proceeded to explain to Dak all the intricacies of said dinner and how I really didn't think I'd feel up to having that many people over (usually 13 - 15), and then he said "I know mom, I'll make dinner just for us". Oh I get it. So I told him that was such a sweet gesture and maybe we could just have a turkey breast instead of the big bird, thinking we didn't need that much turkey (and he wouldn't have to prepare that big 'ol baby), to which he replied "Mom we have to have the big bird. We want all the left overs to chow on the rest of the week!!" Oh yes he is a cutie ~~ yep he really is that sweet.

So this morning I woke up and started thinking about his offer. His simple gesture of love toward his mama who loves the holidays ~~ and decided I'd take that offer. Now it may not be on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we've yet to work out the details, but I told him this morning I was gonna take him up on his idea. To which he just smiled that sweet incredible smile. Oh yes he is up for the task.

God has been speaking to my heart recently about the simple things. I've started cleaning out closets and cabinets, ever-so-slowly and just trying to tidy my house, so we can truly keep it simple around here. I truly think there is something to this.

I read this morning about the Proverbs 31 woman. Yes I have had an aversion to this woman in the past. My thoughts being "no one can be all that!!" But recently I've found myself drawn to this woman, to her lovely ways. So this morning I picked it up yet again and know what I found? Simplicity.

The things this woman does are simple. Prepare meals for her family, she's modest, she's trustworthy, she's prepared. ~~ It's simple things that she does that causes her family in verse 28 to say about her "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." She is not a complicated woman, she is a woman who loves; loves her God and loves her family. I no longer have even a remote aversion to this P-31 woman. I have a deep respect for her and her loveliness.

So what are some simple things that you enjoy? A walk with your sweetie, a smile from a friend, the mail (I know that last one was random, but you know I love me some good mail :o) So let's hear your lovely simplicities and maybe I'll get some ideas of more simple things to enjoy . . . .

Have a Blessed day full of simple joys,



  1. I love the simple things...sweet little blessings from God that remind you that we make life too complicated sometimes!

  2. I think God is so much in the simple things!

    How sweet is it an offer of Thanksgiving dinner? That says alot about the person he is!

  3. What a precious son you have -- and he's RIGHT - you have to have leftovers to chow down on!

    Thank you for encouraging me to slow down and just concentrate on the simple things in my life.

    I'm still praying for you and your upcoming surgery!

    Love ya',

  4. What a sweet boy you have! I love simple little blessings from the Lord...a phone call from a friend, a sweet card in the mail, a text or email out of the blue....they all can brighten our days!