Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrrr . . . Ice and Sleet and Snow, Oh My!!!

Yep the weather is yucky here today. It has been mostly sleeting today, but we have a covering of ice underneath the sleet and they said this morning we could get an inch or two of snow on top of all this, this afternoon. But in NW AR it is much worse, there are now widespread power outages. My heart and prayers are with you. In January 2007, we had a huge ice storm here and was without power for five days. It is not fun, but I learned a lot through that. Like hang tough and stay in there. And kerosene is really hard to come by in such an emergency. And be prepared, you never know what will happen, keep your lamps trimmed (ya know what I mean?) Yes lots of lessons learned through that ice storm. We have more candles and a generator . . PTL.

I don't mind weather like this so much as long as my family is home and the power stays on and the cocoa is hot and the movie is good. WOW that was a lot of conditions huh? How many conditions do we put on our walk with the Lord? I'll follow Him as long as He takes care of this need, or answers that prayer, or doesn't take me down that road . . . just saying.

But today my dear husband did get out and went to work, so instead of worrying, I'm praying God will keep His circle of protection about my husband. I'll be so glad when he is back home and in my arms this evening.

So this is a pic of our backyard bird feeder . . yep the one I got from Georgia for Christmas. I LOVE it and so do the birds. I had a red bird enjoying the festive food, but he flew away (to warmer weather hopefully) as soon as I opened the back door to take a pic . . . brrrr it's cold out there!! anyway . . .

And this is the barrel on our back porch, you can see the ice better if you click on it and enlarge that baby. And we still have it coming down!!!

So that is our day today. Dak is home from school and Dick is at work providing for our family. I love this man so much I cannot even tell you!!!!!

Yesterday, my knee went kablooey!!!!! First day on the stationery recumbent of any real significance (and when I say significance I mean like a minute or two), and the old girl apparently just couldn't handle it yet. It felt okay right after I got off, but about an hour or two later it seized up. Not good. So I called hubs to find out what he suggested and he said he was on his way. And when he said on his way, he headed out the door. He called me about 20 mins later and he was out of town and about 15 mins from our home. I love this man!!!!!

Well he got home and started heating the tendons on the side and back of my knee and icing the knee itself, because it is HUGE!!!!! But it is all good!!!!! I'm not upset about it at all. I trust that God is doing a work in this knee and that He most importantly is doing a work in us. He is teaching us so much right now. He loves. He loves HUGE!!!!! So if you are struggling today with whatever it is, Trust Him!!! He created you and He loves you HUGE!!!!!

Please continue to pray for baby Harper, Kelly and Scott, the other baby's in the NICU and for each other. Pray for the thousands in NW AR that are without power.

Love to you,


  1. Your attitude is such a gift to us - to see your positive attitude & your faith in God! Love it! Hate to hear that though about your knee.... hopefully you're not in too much pain!

    And how sweet is your husband... your love for him is just precious!

    Enjoy your day with Dak... we got hit pretty hard here too with snow & ice- & more to come tonight!

  2. I'm SOOO sorry about your knee, but you're attitude and faith is great! God sees that.

    The electricity seems a bit fragile. We're having flickers. I'm praying it will stay on. I keep hearing branches fall off the house and ice falling off trees in huge clumps. It's kinda scary.

  3. I hope you are still faring the storm well...I will pray that your hubby makes it home safe. We are supposed to get bad weather tonight!