Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the Fun . . .

So what in the world do you do with a sixteen year old when you are snowsleeticed in with?

Well let's see you watch Chronicles of Narnia - both movies (over two days). You play Yahtzee and watch him do the Yahtzee dance EVERY time he gets a Yahtzee; it's annoying =) jking -- You make the MOST fab brownies in the world and then wait to see if you have another snow day tomorrow. And then the fun starts all over again.

I love being snowed in with the boy!!! We've had a blast!!

Now if I could just get snowed in with hubs -- but alas, he worked again today and got stuck twice. Bummer. But got out both times.

He told me at lunch today that the secretary was having a snowball fight with some of the employees on the way in and after she got in they cleared off the parking lot and then she realized she didn't have her keys. They are in a HUGE snow mound on the parking lot somewhere. Bummer. She still hadn't gotten them out last I heard. Boo.

Hope you all have had a good day. I'm praying for ya'll who do not have power. We have not lost power this time.

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. Dawn, I am glad you are enjoying the ice/snow days! Wow! Yes, we do have power and haven't lost it...yet. We don't have any trees around our house and the electric wires are underground. Those brownies sound so good an the 2 narnia movies are sooo awesome!

  2. Hey Dawn;

    Sounds like you and Dak had another wonderful day. We were without power for almost 24 hours but praise God it is on for now!!! If you've seen my blog tonight you can see we have received damaged. However, we can't tell how much yet because of the trees that are still on the roof!

  3. gosh i wish we had snow! i bet it does get old though!! especially locked in the house....talking about cabin fever!!!
    your always so encouraging...i love how you always sign your blogs with have a blessed day!! that's awesome! i forget sometimes how truely blessed i am!!! thanks for that!

  4. I'm a little jealous of the "snow/ice days"! It was 60 degrees here today! I could use a couple of days of Yahtzee, movies and some brownies!

    You be careful in this bad weather if you go to your PT tomorrow.

    It was so good to talk to you tonight! I'm praying for you and I love you, friend!


  5. Hub & I had a mean game of "Battleship" going via candle light last night!!!

    And do you know I have never seen either of the Chronicles of Narnia! I cant make myself watch it... I watched the cartoon version when I was small & the way they killed Aslan - I was TRAUMATIZED!!! Seriously - I can still cry thinking about it - so I refused to watch this movie. Everyone tells me to do it.. I may break down & watch... but I know I'll need my Kleenex!

    Stay warm!

    (Love your new header too... the picture with Dak & his license is adorable!)

  6. We got more sleet I think than ice. I really really wanted snow!! I wasn't iced in. I came to work everyday!! Boo!!!

    I'm glad you had some sweet time with that boy of yours! :)

  7. sounds like a great time! can i come over?!!!

    you are such a great mom dawn!

  8. SOunds like you and Dak had a great time. Wish I could have been snow/sleet/iced in or something! Maybe you could play scrabble! I LOVE that game!

    Have a nice night,