Monday, January 26, 2009

MMMM . . . . Toes!!!

Do you ever wonder about the randomness of my titles sometimes? Yeah well, wonder no more.

This cuteness came to Grandpa, Grandma's and Uncle Dak's this weekend, him and his toes. He has found them ya know. And there is nothing better.

If there is one thing he loves it is being in just a diaper. But if there is anything he loves more, it would be his toes.

Yes I turned around to see this . . .

Busted!!!!! =)

Yeah for toes Grandma!!!!! (Oh to be that flexible, anyway . . .)

I tell ya he just brings a smile to our face and warmth in our hearts. We have so much fun with him.

On some other notes . . .

We are expecting an ice storm here starting this afternoon. So if I don't blog for a few days, that is probably why. We had a devastating ice storm in January 2007. We lost power for five days. It was not good, but God was!!!!! I learned so much through that experience. So this may be another opportunity for growth. Or maybe our power will stay on and we'll just be inside taking it easy.

Yes this is Monday and yes I should be posting a book review, but I did not get a book completed this past week. Bad me. I feel badly because this is my New Year's resolution and I want to stay with it, so I am continuing on this week. So hopefully next week I will have a MM-R post.

Please continue to pray for baby Harper, Kelly and Scott and the other teeny tiny's in the NICU!!! It has been absolutely faith-building to see God work in this situation!!!

Have a fun Monday and stay warm,


  1. sweet and cute! i love when kennedy is just in her diaper, and so does she!!

  2. How precious is that baby!!! Toes & all!!!!!

    Be careful - we're going to be getting hit tonight thru Wednesday with snow & ice too!!!

    And are you OK? I saw on Twitter your knee was hurt????? Hope you are OK!!!!

  3. I would love to squeeze those fat little legs!

    We are supposed to get an ice storm here as well. It is sooooo cold. I'm head off to make a yummy cup of cocoa!

    Good luck with your electricity!

  4. We are supposed to get some ice here, too. "Cuteness" is living up to his name and HOW DID HE GET SO BIG?!?!? They just grow up too fast! He is wonderful!!!

  5. Oh, how precious! Tyler used to nibble on his own toes, too.

    I'm bracing for power outage here, too. It's coming down hard out there right now.

    Hope your knee is okay...

  6. PS - You are SO right about the last week being an absolute faith-building experience! Amazing! What a mighty God we serve!

  7. Ok..he is total preciousness!! I bet you about want to eat him up! Stay warm in that ice storm!

  8. Nothing is as sweet as baby toes. That is just absolutely adorable.

    Hope you stay warm and full of power!

    In Him,

  9. What a cutie!!! So precious...

    Hope you are warm and safe in that ice storm!

  10. Those pics are so stinking cute!