Friday, January 30, 2009

Falling Up!!

Right now I am doing BMoore's study on David "A Heart Like His". And this week has been one that has really gotten the thoughts provoked.

In chapter 27 in I Samuel David ends up living in the enemy camp; the camp of the Philistines and actually becoming friends with King Achish. WHAT?!!

Let me just summarize this chapter for you. David goes to live in the Philistines camp because he thought that he would eventually be destroyed by the hand of Saul. That Saul had been pursuing him relentlessly and being a real nuisance. David had the chance twice to kill him, but would not, because he would not raise his had against God's anointed. Well now he finds himself running yet again and where does he run to? The enemy camp. And finds refuge. . . interesting.

It is also notable that David didn't go alone, no he took 600 men with him and their families. That's a lot of people.

While David is here he goes on raids and the Word tells us that he didn't leave a man or woman a live . . . What in the world?!!

At the end of chapter 27 King Achish tells himself that David is so stinky to his own people (my paraphrase) that he would be his servant forever. What?!!

How in the world did David find himself in this position? Wasn't he a man after God's own heart? He was indeed, and yet he found himself willingly, took himself, to the enemy camp. Wow!! God has really been talking to me from this passage this week.

How many times have I ended up in the enemy camp hanging out? Still a Christian, still in Christ, but yet cavorting in the enemy camp. What in the wide world is that?

How did David get to that place? His circumstances brought him to a place of decision. I believe David was tired of constantly being on the run from Saul, so he went to the one place he knew he would be safe from him. The Philistine camp. No way Saul was going in there after him.

Have you ever been that kind of tired? The world has worn you down and worn you out, and you just want a little peace, even if it's only for a season. So you go into the camp of the enemy, no one pursuing you, because your sitting in their camp. At least for the moment things seem calm. But child, it will not last. If you are coverting with the enemy, life is about to get very hard for you. Run child, out of that camp and back into the loving arms of Jesus!!

David had a choice. We have a choice. When our circumstances get rough we must decide what we will do. And that is when it becomes so important to have an intimate relationship with Jesus; have God's Word hidden in your heart. Fall down with your face to the ground so He can lift you up and help you find your way, so you do not find yourself in the enemy camp hanging out. It is a terrible place to find yourself.

We have had some very hard moments the last year or so. My fifth knee surgery was Feb of 2008 and that surgery set us on the road to Mayo and surgery number six, although we had no idea at the time. We could not have known the difficult times that lay ahead, but God knew and He was preparing us. He used those moments to teach and prepare us.

I am so thankful that He will never leave me or forsake me. He loves with an everlasting love. That is huge to me in this season and will continue to be huge to me. I do not want to ever spend anymore time in enemy camp. I want to live out loud for my Jesus!!!!!

I hope you all have a Blessed Friday. Continue to keep holding up the Stamps, Harper is so beautiful and doing so well. And remember all of the thousands of people without power right now as we speak and remember our nation in prayer.

Love and Blessings,


  1. David is one of my favorite characters... just for that reason - he was a man after God's heart but still failed - the human side still took over! But God still knew his HEART!!! Praise God that he can see our hearts when our action fail daily!

    Wonderful post! And thank you for continued prayers for the ice/snow storms... we're to get 3-5 more inches of snow Monday.... praying power is all up by then or it will be really bad!!!

    Have a great day Friend! Love you!

  2. I'm doing the same study, just starting week 3. Thanks for bringing the passage to life and making it real!
    Blessings - Lisa

  3. Oh, how I relate to the being so "tired"/worldly tired and just wanting to rest in enemy camp for a while. But I am like you...I just so want to live for my Jesus!!!
    Thanks for this post...and for being you! You always encourage me!

  4. I have done this study 3 times - love it! I remember that part of the study and it speaks to me each time. That's why I love David - we can so relate to him because he did have a heart for God, but just like us, gets caught up in the world thinking that's where we'll find our peace.

    Thanks for sharing this reminder.