Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game on . . .

Yes that is right this my friends is Super Bowl weekend. I have been watching a little Create TV on my local digital PBS station, yes I heart PBS (most of the time. . . another story for another day, anyway . . .) and since we have gotten our digital box thingy it is even better. Now we have three, count 'em 3, PBS stations. I know . . . craziness. (umm and yes since we have a digital box thingy it means we have rabbit ears and no cable . . . we do not pay for tv . . . again another story for another day . . . anyway . . . =)

Oh yeah, and on 21-3 today is all about tailgaiting fingerfood Super Bowl style!! YAY!!! And so far it's been all yummy wings and the like. . . hope it stays that way . . . anyway . . .

Is it just me or is this post already strange? anyway . . . =)

Well I will tell you straight up -- and I'm talking straight on up . . . GO CARDINALS!!!!! I rooted for St. Louis when Kurt Warner was there (and yes I am a MO girl . . . anyway . . . ) But I just love the way he loves Jesus!!! I saw him on Wheel-of-Fortune (I heart WOF . . . anyway . . ) He made such an impression on me. He loved on Jesus right there in front of Pat and Vanna and the whole world. I heart that so!!!!! He is a difference maker in this world we live in and to be in the business he's in and to keep his integrity and his family (he and his wife have 7 children) in tact is quite an accomplishment. More so than even winning the Super Bowl, but I so hope they win!!!!!

So game on people!! Go ahead root for this real life, Jesus loving, Christ centered man and the team he plays for in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals, but we know the real team he's on, and guess what WE WIN IN THE END!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! OUR TEAM WINS!!!!! JESUS WINS!!!!! Remember when your on that difficult road in that hard circumstance that if you are a child of the King, in the end our team wins!!!!!

I love you all so -- have a Blessed weekend,


  1. I know nothing of the Super Bowl - didnt even know what teams where on it... but I have heard alot about this man... makes me want to cheer him on - just for that!

    And Praise the Lord - we are all on that team - we have the best Coach of all!!

  2. I'm a Colts fan that will be cheering the Cardinals on to victory tomorrow in support of Kurt Warner. What a testimony! The world keeps thinking he's down for the count..., and God just keeps exalting him in a big way.
    Blessings - Lisa

  3. I love Kurt Warner and his witness! Can't wait to cheer for him and eat some yummy snacks tomorrow!!

  4. I'm not a huge football fan, but I will definitely be cheering for Kurt his testimony!

    Have fun watching the game!!

  5. We're cheering for Kurt and the Cardinals here at our house too - Enjoy the game!