Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey Dak what's that in your teeth?

Umm, well yes that would be my NEW DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!!

What?-- when did this happen??!!!!! When did you grow up on me?!! And why on earth didn't you warn me of such nonsense =) ??!!!!!

He is so cute I can't hardly stand it!!!!! Umm yes this is his mother and yes it could be said that I'm bias, but I don't buy it. I mean seriously have you ever seen the likes? Cuteness with a license and a girlfriend -- oh man am I in trouble =)

Congratulations son!!!!! You are the best kid a mom could ever hope for. I love every second we spend together.

Last night I went in and asked Dak if he was done on the computer and if I could shut it off. He said, "I don't care, I'm pre-occupied." He was sitting on his bed looking up verses in his concordance in the back of his Bible on calling. How much do you love a teenager who is sitting on his bed studying the Word. I wanted to tackle him with hugs and kisses, but of course, that would have disturbed him, so I refrained and just watched from afar and listened as he came in toting his Bible and reading the verses he'd found and what they meant to him. He says he's going to do a lesson with them in CYC -- be still this mama's heart!!!!!

Well, I'm off to get the insurance squared away, so we have coverage on said 16 year old with a NEW LISCENSE!!!!!

Have a Blessed and fun day,


  1. Aww! Dakota looks so handsonme with his new liscense!

  2. Dawn, what a proud mamma you must be! He is just too cute!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Its a little heart breaking to see them drive off on their own...

    And what a good son studying the Word.... that makes me want to cry just to keep faith in the youth of today...

  4. Congrats to Dak!!!! Such an exciting time!

  5. Oh, my---it seems like just yesterday that I was adding my 16 yr. old son to my insurance and now he will be 26 tomorrow! I know what you mean when you say, "When did this happen?"

    Dak sounds like such a fine young man and I know you must be so very proud of him. I'm praying that he stays "preoccupied" with the Word of God.

  6. License?? Oh my word!

    How cool to catch your kids reading the Word - nothing better! I love it.

  7. Handsome boy, Dawn! Good luck with that insurance - I work for State Farm. haha

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    In Him,

  8. "But Mary [Dawn] treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."

    You'll never forget either of those moments...

  9. aw...congrats....beware everyone on the road!!!!