Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer Request . . .

Good sweet Thursday to you. I only have a few minutes to post, before I get Dak up and over to school and me dressed and out the door. But I wanted to ask for your prayers this morning.

Dick's mom was taken to the hospital yesterday and they think she has had a heart attack. They are running a stress test among other things today. I will be heading up there as soon as I get around. Please pray for wisdom for the docs and peace for Dicks mom. She's having a hard time with this.

Also if you would pray for his sister Barb and brothers Matt and Roy, they all desperately need the Lord. I have been praying this morning that God would use me in some way today to be a blessing to them and to point them to Christ.

There will be a lot of walking involved today and the knee is swollen this morning. So I am taking my crutch even though it slows me down, but you know safety first =) Please pray that the swelling will stay at bay and that I won't have a major flare up. I'm believing God!!!

And also my B-I-L Brian is having knee surgery tomorrow. He has a torn meniscus in two places -- ouch!! So if you would say a pray for him and my sis Dena I'd be so grateful.

Thank you so much for praying and I'll update later today when I get back home.


  1. I'm praying. I hope everything is well with your M-I-L.

  2. Yes - praying! Praying God can use this to reach the family that does not know the Lord!! Praying for the doctors - praying for health - praying for strength for everyone!

    Take care of yoruself too - dont push your knee too hard!

    Also praying for your BIL... lots going on in your world, isn't there!

  3. Dawn, praying for you today and for everyone mentioned. Hoping to hear good news when you get home :) Blessings to you!

  4. Praying for you and Dicks mom and your bil. Let us know how all goes.

  5. Just remeber: all things are possible through Christ who strenthens us.