Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thanks to everyone for praying for my M-I-L. PRAISE THE LORD it is not her heart!!!!! In fact her heart is pumping normal, no signs of blockage and no signs of blood clots in her lungs. She does however, have shingles. Now I know this sounds weird that she would think it was a heart attack if it is shingles, but apparently where they are at on her body will cause the symptoms like she has been having. Weird huh?

But she is in the contagious stage and 2 of her grand kids (our niece and nephew) were up there today, so she is so hoping that she didn't give it to them, (which if she did they'll get the chicken pox). We are so very thankful this was not her heart. She was SOOOOOOOOO relieved.

I also saw my B-I-L and baby sis today at the hospital, he was doing his pre-admit stuff. Please remember him tomorrow as he has knee surgery. It is to be out-patient. He is really limping and in a lot of pain right now, so he is actually really glad to get this fixed. I'll update on that tomorrow when I get home.

You all are so sweet to always remember my knee and tell me to take it easy and be mindful of it. I am a go-getter. It is just the way God designed me, so in situations like today it is so easy for me to over do it, but I didn't. I used my crutch and took it easy, even I was surprised =)

Thank you again so much for praying for us and our families.

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. So glad it was not her heart!!! And I am glad you didn't overdo yourself today :-)

  2. So glad to hear the ole ticker is doing good!!! Hoping the kids dont get chicken pox either... but if they do - at least it'll be over with. We had a 40 yr old man who just got chicken pox at work the other day... rather have it as a kid! :-)

    I'm still worried you are pushing your knee!!! I know you have a heart to want to help everyone, but take care of yourself too!!!

  3. I've been praying and I'm so glad for the great report! Take care of yourself as you're out taking care of everyone else...


  4. What great news! I know that Shingles is NOT fun, though. Dave had them last year.

    I'll be praying for your B-I-L tomorrow.

  5. so glad to hear it's nothing to bad! i've had them before.....and ouch!!!...and itchy!!! they can be pretty painful!
    we'll be praying!

  6. So glad it wasn't her heart. Will continue to pray for your bil and your knee and of course that your niece and nephew don't get chicken pox.

  7. Praise the Lord it was not a heart attack. I've heard that the shingles are very painful though.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  8. I too will be praying for your mother in law...for restored health, a complete recovery, and for peace in the journey. With love from Colorado, Denise :-)