Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday in Randomville...

Welcome to Friday in Randomville.....quite a lovely place some times =)

This edition is brought to you by the Louisville kids (that title is just for you RJ =)

My cousins from Looville (trying to spell phoentically correct, because folks in Looville apparently don't like it if you call it Loueeville like I do -- emphasis on the e =) anyway...

We met up with them on Tuesday and went to Incredible Pizza. Does anyone out there have one of these in your community? It is such much fun...pricy, but fun.

So here are some pics from our day...

Here is Dak, Kae, Cliff (left corner), Devin (right corner) riding the bumper cars. And let me just clarify before I get a gazillion e-mails I am the one with the camera, so that means no riding bumper cars for me.... are you guys so happy that the sensible side of me won out? =) Because I so love bumper cars and go-carts and the like~~ YIPPEE says me!!!!! anyway...

Here is Nick (their adopted son from China), Dak, Devin and Kae playing a little mini-golf.

Dak giving me the golfing 411 ~~ thanks son!!!

Thanks because I beat everyone, got a whole-in-one too, just sayin'......

(Now I say I beat everyone, only by one stroke and I wasn't keepin' score, so I'm not sure that my sweetheart of a cousin Heather didn't forget to write a couple of strokes down because she felt sorry for my limpingaroundthecourse-self, ya know, just saying...... =) Either way ~~ YAY!!!

Here is Cliff, Heather's husband and a wonderful man of God who adores his family and us and not because he has to. He truly is one of the great warriors for our Lord in the days that we live in. We love you man!!!!!

Here is Heather, one of the best mom's and friends/cousins you will find. She is such a Godly woman who is ten years my younger, and she tells me EVERTIME she sees me~~yeah a real gem~~ I love you so, girl. And Nick our new cousin from China. He is soooooooo smart and funny. H & C said they knew he was their son as soon as they saw his picture ~~ how terrific is our God?

This was so fun. I miss them sooooooooo much. We hung out a lot when they lived back here, but God has moved them on to bigger and better things and He just continues to be huge in them. It is so GREAT!!!!!
Now to a little other randomness: I am pumped about this evening for these reasons:
Pumped for Dak: He has play practice (the play is next week) and Read-a-thon tonight and he is soooooooooo excited!!!!! He loves to read uninterrupted. He is just cool that way!!
Pumped for Hubs: He is picking up Sky on his way home from work, so they get to have a guys night out (at the house of course, but you know =)

Pumped for Me: I am going with one of my Bff's to our church for the Ladies Rally. I am so excited!!!!! I usually don't go because none of my blog friends live close enough to go with. Because I could so hang out with all who read this blog. Can you imagine the fun we would have praising our Jesus together and drinking a lovely Chai tea in the atrium of our church, oh it sounds so lovely doesn't it? Well that is what I will be doing with Bff Carrie tonight. And oddly enough we have never had a girls night out!! What in the blue blazes (love that saying) is wrong with us? We have known each other for years ~~ seriously we need to get out more!!!!!
So anyway busy and fun randomness going on right now ~~ so great!!!!
Have a Blessed and Randomly fun Friday,


  1. Love the shout out!!! & girl, you got it... no EEEE in Louisville... No "LOUIS"ville - either... that one drives me even more batty!!!

    LOO-A-ville... that's the "local" way :-)

    Good for you for resisting the bumper carts!!!

  2. I say the EE in Louisville, too.

    I'm so excited for you - getting to go to the Ladies Rally with a BFF. Have a blessed time!!

  3. yay!! looks like fun!!!
    have fun with the ladies night!!!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It would be so much fun to have a blogger get together.

    Have fun.

  5. Enjoy the ladies rally tonight! Sounds fun :)

  6. Have a great time with the ladies! I do say the "EE"! Guilty.

  7. I'm sure that it goes without saying that I say the "EE" in Louisville! You don't call me your Southern Belle for nothin'! (-;