Monday, May 11, 2009

Back in the Day..... 80's style!!!

We had a very fun weekend ~~ I love fun weekends!!! Saturday the fun tried to leave, but it came back for Saturday evening and Sunday ~~ YAY!!

Saturday morning we went to the kid's house (Chase and Tonya's) to go look at a house with them that they want to buy. It is so very cute. Right now they live in a trailer and really want a house of their own. They have been looking, and this one seems like a really good fit. We are so very happy for them. They put a bid on it Saturday afternoon, and should hear something today. We are just so excited for them!!!

Well when I woke up on Saturday the allergies were a little crazy, but manageable, until we got to the house. The house is still occupied, so we went in and she had this air freshener thing going because she has a HUGE cat!!! OH no allergy alert ~~ ALLERGY ALERT!! Did I listen to the ALLERGY ALERT going off in my head? OH no of course not I forged ahead. By the time we left I was sick, like REALLY sick and about to throw up.

Okay so I know this is not a normal allergy reaction, but I am not normal!!! What happens is I get a really bad headache that starts to turn into a migraine and my stomach gets oh so sick. So we went and tried to get me something for it, but it was too late. I just set at C & T's with my eyes closed trying not to get sick. I felt so bad, because they felt so bad for me. Chase is very allergic to things as well, so he knows how it is.

So when we got home, I went to bed and slept for about 2 hours or so and woke up feeling much more refreshed and was able to go to mom's. (Which I wrote about yesterday, and was so enjoyable). And then yesterday the guys took me to the movies. We went and saw "Star Trek". It was really good and that is some kind of review coming from a non-movie, non-Trekky kind of gal. I really liked it, except for one really bad word and a few other bad words it was good. I have a thing about movies and language and is a big reason I don't watch many movies. I just can't get past it. They could leave every bad word out and you would never even miss them,

Okay I'm back, off the soap box.

Then yesterday evening we worked out and I made Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwiches for the guys (not in that order, I made the sandwiches first and then the workout...anyway... =). It smelled so yummee and bacony in here. Although I don't eat bacon, I do like to smell bacon...anyway....

Speaking of food, if you haven't checked out my recipe blog, oh please head over there and check out the new recipes I've put on there. There's one on there for Spanish Rice and a story....yep food and a story.....seriously how fun is that. So please, head on over there.

So all weekend Dak and Brandon have been preparing for a presentation in English today. They had to pick a decade and do a presentation based on that decade. Well the boys picked the 80's. No seriously, how happy am I that they are giving a shout out to the 80's (me Miss Graduate in 1984 -- do not laugh you crazycat =) anyway....

So Dak wanted help with the whole 80's hairstyle thing, because he is the action part of this duo. Brandon reads and Dak acts it out. So he printed off a couple of pics and we went to work. Now please keep in mind that he doesn't really have the cut for an 80's do, but we made do =)

So here you have it.....

Yes complete with sunglasses, so sad I didn't have RayBans to give him....Do ya'll remember those?


Ahh yes and the back, very straight forward, none of that spiking the back out in the 80's ~~ no sir!!!

And then here is the front. This cracks me up, because do ya'll remember the definite point in the hair line and then the bangs.....remember Scott Bao (sp?)?

And now here is his real opinion of the whole 80's do situation....

Too funny Dak!! You crack me up ~~ you are a joy my son!!!
Please remember Reggie. If you have not heard about this senior, please go to MiMi's blog here to read about it and remember this young man and his family. Thanks so much!!!
Well today starts my menu making and cleaning schedule. So wish me lots of fun with these endeavors!!!
Have a Blessed Monday,


  1. I will jump on that soap box with you... WHY do they have to put that language in movies? Its totally unnecessary!!! I have to laugh where they put "Snaks on a Plane" on TV.. & I guess it had alot of the "f" word in it & they changed one part where he screams 'Why cant we get rid of the MONKEY FLIPPERS"... not the same MF.. but I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!

    And LOVE the 80's hair! Wish you could have found a Member's Only jacket!!! Or even a zippered Michael Jackson one! And yes, sigh... I had the Ray Bans too.. Tom Cruise & Top Gun.. who can forget!

  2. Dawn - this is just too funny! Dak is just the cutest thing. Takes after his sweet mama :)

  3. Being an 81 grad, I like to hair, maybe I'm still in the 80's, eek..

    Last year my daughter had 80's day at school and she asked what she should wear. I suggest my letter jacket. She preceeds to ask me if it's really from the 80's. I look at her showed her the 81 on the sleeve and said it won't get anymore real then this, I was wearing it in the 80's.

  4. I too am a graduate of the 80's. 82 in fact! I love it, even now to hear my oldest daughter rave about how great Duran Duran is stirs my heart!

    Gotta love Member's Only jackets. Oh my, once you posted that, it was instant flash back where everyone had one or tried to anyway.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Love the haircut!! Gotta love the 80's...just great! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!!