Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day in the Life of Scoot...

Ya'll know our very unassuming, cuter than cute, faster than lightening, able to leap tall buildings, g-babe.

You know, the one that likes to pucker-up for his Gigi.....

You know, the one that teaches his papa to crawl .....

"Come on papa, you have to hike your leg like this to get a good run at it" .....
you know the one...

Well, over the weekend, Sir Cuteness himself was here, and ya know, hanging out like babies do. Playing with his uncle while Gigi got some all important blog reading done, ya know....
Well in the middle of a heavy rain shower, while I'm hanging out in the office catching up on ya'll, I hear hubs say, "What?!! A tornado warning?" I come out of the office like a tiger was chasing me and round the corner to see this..... (see photo below =)
Yep the tornado and his accomplice, Uncle Dak.....
Now please note in this pic, there are still a few diapers left in the bag. By the time tornado boy Scoot is done there are NO diapers left in the bag.
And also please note that he has toys all around, has dumped out the toy basket and what does he want? Yes the empty paper towel holder. Mama's make a note.....babies do not need fancy toys, they need empty paper towel holders.
Moving on...
Scoot: "Uncle Dak, give me that empty paper towel holder, come on give it to me!!..."
Scoot: "Okay so are you trying to be cute? Taunting me with that look Uncle Dak. I have the empty paper towel holder now and I WILL USE IT!!!"
Please note: yes that is his fav yellow ribbon in the background as well. Note to mama's: add yellow ribbon to toy box....another fav...
Moving on.....

Dak: "Okay Scoot you hit me with that and I'm going for the toes....yes I know low blow, but the toes WILL be tickled if you hit me with that thing..."
Please note: Scoot's cell phone is just behind him within reach in case he needs to call his Gigi (who is standing right there taking the pics)....anyway..... Note to mama's: he does LOVE his cell phone ..... yep startin' him out young =)

Scoot: "Get me out of here.....I don't like those eyes Uncle Dak..... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"
Please note: no note on this one =)

Scoot: "Gigi I'm comin' to you ......"
Dak: "You better run boy, I'm gettin' me some toesies"

The end.
Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of our little man, Sky, A.K.A. Scoot.
He is a joy and delight!!!
Love you all, have a Blessed and Beautiful Wednesday,


  1. What a memory. Just think you can print all these posts for Scoot later. He'll love him. Ok, he may need to be a little older before he appreciates them.

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh my word.. he is just the cutest tornado I have ever seen! I always love to see Dak interacting with him like that... he'll be someone Scoot will always look up to!

  3. He is absolutely precious!

    Great family moments. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I pray all the favor of GOD upon you and your precious family Dawn.

    Love the new header.

  4. I LOVE that first photo!! He's adorable.

  5. You make me miss having a baby in the house to play with. What joy!
    Blessings ~ Lisa

  6. Ah how cute! Love babies! They just make your heart melt.

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos with all of us! You started my morning off with a smile that will literally stay with me all day!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Aren't our little grandyoungins just the best?

    They just entertain us with the silliest of things don't they.

    THanks for sharing.

  8. Dawn- Haha he is too cute! I am learning with Ryder that the toys we seem to buy just don't interest him as much as the remote or the paper towels. :) I will have to find a yellow ribbon! Have a great weekend.