Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Over thinking it!!

Okay so do you have this problem? Over thinking?!! I sure do. I over think practically everything!! My husband will look at me sometimes and say, "You're thinking too much!!" Oh boy and is he ever right!!!

I want everything to be perfect. At least as perfect as it can be in this very imperfect world we live in...it is a strange paradox is it not? In my quest for making things as perfect as possible, I tend to over think a ginormous tad bit. That has kind of been where I've been lately in my blogging, among other things.

I'll start to post and think, "That's not interesting" "No one will care about that" blah, blah, blah, and on and on. Instead of just posting what's on my heart and letting God do the rest. Ya know what I mean?

So this over thinker is calming down a bit (at least when it comes blogging =) and I'm just going to blog about what's on my heart in this imperfect corner of the world.

So on that note.....

I hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Ours was, for the most part, lovely. We had lil Scoot, but he was sick. He has a double ear infection and was running fever on Sunday, but he is such a happy baby, even when he's sick, he is still a joy.

Dak starts A+ tutoring today during summer school. And then he is going job hunting. Oh yes and then a bit of some excitement in his life as well. On the last day of school, last Friday, they made an announcement, that if anyone was interested in signing up for tennis, they should go to Coach's office and sign up. Well Dak has been talking about this for some time, and he was so excited. So, of course, he got is skinny self right on down to Coach H's office and signed his name on the dotted line. The kids who signed up have been getting together at a local court and practicing on their own. How cute is that?!! I love commitment in our young people, especially when it comes from them!! He has another practice this evening. And they have the new court poured at our school, they don't have the nets up, etc. but it is getting there. I am so pumped for the kids!!! Dak LOVES tennis!!

Well something else VERY exciting happened this weekend ~~ I RODE MY BIKE!!! Okay please let me explain and rephrase I RODE MY BIKE ON THE ROAD AND PARKING LOT LIKE A BIG GIRL!! YAY I am so happy for me, and my husband. He has been riding for a while by himself, because the ol knee has just not been up to it. Well he told me last week that he thought that maybe it was time to give it a whirl, and whirl I did. At first, I will admit, I was scared. I kept thinking about all the "what if's". Ya know, like "what if" I fall off, or "what if" my knee decides it isn't doing this, or "what if" I am not all that on a bike and hit the curb and go head first into the grass and booger myself up (yes, I am an over thinker =) But I did great!!! It was so fun. Rain and all. Can't wait to go again. I layed in bed last night and thought, why didn't I have hubs take a picture for my blog? Okay who seriously wants to see a pic of that?!! Yep turned that thought right on over and went to sleep =)

And on the knee front, it is doing okay. It swelled quite a bit after our ride, but it is somewhat better this morning. The big issue I'm having right now is with my ankle. We're not sure what's going on with it. It is swelling some and hurting. So I wrap it, and move on.

Well, have a Blessed and Beautiful Tuesday and remember don't over think it, just Trust God.
That, I've decided, is the best approach!!

Love ya,


  1. YOU RODE A BIKE??? That's awesome! With knee problems of my own, I know that is some movement right there on the good ole' caps! Good for you!! PROGRESS - YES!

    And tell Dak if I was around you all, I'd totally play him... Tennis is the only sport I was good at... LOVE LOVE LOVE tennis!

  2. WOW BIKE RIDING! Praise the LORD! His hand is upon you precious one. I'm glad things are going well and I pray for complete restoration of your knee. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family with us as well.

    God bless and keep you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to just blog about what's on our heart and just let God do the rest. Sometimes I don't post for away for the same reason...who would really care about blah blah blah.

    You've inspired me. I'm going to link you post on my blog.


  4. YOU GO, GIRL!!! I am so proud of you for riding your bike and I would have definitely liked to have seen a picture of you riding it! I got mine out a few days ago, too, and took it for a spin. I need to get back into riding it regularly. I'm so glad that the ole' knee worked for you!

    Now...about this ankle, I'll be praying about the pain and swelling. Maybe it's just working it's way right on OUT! Started at the knee and moved on down to the ankle --so it ought to be completely gone very soon!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Yay for the bike ride!! Take it easy and take care of the ankle now too.

    I have always LOVED watching tennis, I just have absolutely NO hand-eye coordination, so I can't play a lick!

    Another cute blog design.

  6. Yeah!! I am so happy for all of you. For Dak taking the initiative and signing up for tennis as well as hoping on the ol bike there!

    You and I seem so much alike. We blog alike. I often wonder for days for Godly inspiration on what to write to it comes out inspirational and full of God's words and then some days nothing. Nothing comes.

    I have found, that you can be inspired while you write. God will just add to what you are writing. You'll never know whom you will inspire by what you write. Sometimes, people just need that human contact. A reflection of a simpler time, or a smile like the period at the end of a sentence.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. I love reading about your life whatever is going on....doesn't have to be anything earth shattering!! :)

    Sooo glad you were able to ride a bike! Wow!! Yay for that!