Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Friday with Pics to Prove the Randomness ...

Well I really wanted to post yesterday, but blogger was being crazy and wouldn't let me on. Hopefully this one will post without a hitch.

Wednesday night was "Blue Rooster Junction", remember last month we were invited to sing with Alyssa at the nursing home, and then this month they invited us back. How fun is that? So we sang as a group this time using an accompaniment tape (that makes me laugh ~~ no one uses tapes anymore ~~ so it was a tape I-pod style =) instead of me playing the piano. I get really nervous when I don't have a piano to hide behind =) We sang "So Small". It was a lot of fun and the residents really seemed to enjoy. I was really there for moral support, but they made me get up and sing with them anyway. But I just love teens singing. They did a GREAT job!!

As we finished and was walking down away from the microphones, there was a little lady in a wheel chair and I noticed that she said something to Alyssa.
Background: Alyssa works at this nursing home, so she knows the residents.
Now back to story:
as I looked she was giving her two thumbs up on those little hands of hers and I noticed that she had thumbs and maybe index fingers, but that looked to be all the fingers she had. And she was in what appeared to me to be a child's wheelchair, she was that little. But she had the absolute BIGGEST smile on her face, I mean like grinning from ear to ear genuine smile, so I was compelled, drawn to her really. As I walked by she looked up at me and said "good job". I said, "did you like that?" to which she held her hands out to me for a hug. melt. Seriously, my heart just melted. As she hugged me, I was struck with how teeny but strong she was. This was no frail hug. And to top it off, she was wearing the prettiest pink dress and lovely glasses. She was a gem, I tell ya, a jewel. She made my night.

They've invited Dak and I to come on July 2nd to their big Heritage Show. Alyssa can't make it that day, but Dak and I are going to see if we can. Too fun. If we can, I hope to see the lady in pink =)

Well, yesterday mom had an appointment to get her port flushed, this is an every six week appointment, and we have NEVER had an issue with it. Well yesterday, we went in and they got us right back and the lady got everything ready, and when she stuck the needle in I saw mom wince and knew something was wrong, well her port wouldn't flush. That is a problem. So the nurse takes to moving the needle around and trying to get it to flush, but it wasn't happening, so she had to take the needle out and get another one. She said the needles they are using they've been having trouble with. She said that little metal shavings are coming off the end, WHAT!!??!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!! Why would you even be using that batch of needles?!!!!!
Well they got another needle and all was fine, but I felt really bad for mom. Needles for ports are large, and it looks painful. She says its not (most of the time), but I still felt really bad. So what did we do to make her feel better?!! Got Dairy Queen on the way home (another story, another day =) Yummee!!!

Well, today is Dak's last day of his Sophomore year of high school. sniff.sniff. Where has the time gone? I mean seriously, where?

High School gets out at 9:45 AM this morning. Yes you read that right!!! I know, WHAT IS THE POINT TO THAT?!!!!! Nobody knows. But then he's going to a pool party to celebrate, and then this weekend he is going to his aunt's lake house to jet ski and hang out. Ahhhh the life of a teenager. (Don't worry, don't fret, stay calm, he'll be fine. pray child, pray.) In the parenthesis are the things I have to tell myself, now that I have a driving-hanging-out-at-friends-pool-parties-going-to-lake-houses-and-riding-jet-skis-for-the-weekend kind of kid. sigh.

I thought we'd mark this auspicious occasion with a couple pics.

First, do you remember this one? It is from the first day of his Sophomore year?
Seriously, how cute is he in his ridiculously priced Hollister outfit?

And then here he is today, the last day of his Sophomore year.
Seriously, how cute is he in his not ridiculously priced, not Hollister, out-fit?!!

And since this is random Friday, I thought I'd share a couple of other pics with you.

Yesterday mom and I went to the grocery store and I checked out just in front of her, so I could get her groceries up for her etc. Well as we bagged our groceries (Aldi's ~~ love that store ~~ I save me some moola there), she handed me the prettiest roses for my table.
Aren't they lovely?!!! They look so organic in this clay vase.
Love them and you...thanks mom!!! You are the best!!

And then can you guess who will be visiting us this weekend?
OH come on now, take a WILD guess?
Why yes it would be the one that fits into this bib ~~~ AKA Mr. Cuteness himself!!!

YAY!! I love weekends when the kids go out-of-town!!!

So ya'll have a safe, fun and Blessed holiday weekend. And remember our military service men and women that have given their lives for our freedom and for the ones who are currently deployed. I think we all know someone who is or has served in our military. I salute my dad, my step-son Eric, and my cousin's husband Mike (who is currently serving our country and who is deployed). Thank you for your service.

Love you all,


  1. My internet's been messed up here at the house. Having to plug my laptop into the hardwire. UGH!

    Anyway, trying to catch up on my reading.

    Dak's speeding through high school now!! Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, Dawn.

  2. Dawn,

    I too can relate because both of our kids are officially juniors now!!

    I cringe when I think that in a few months she will obtain her precious permit.

    I had to sit down with my own mom and ask how she dealt with the teen driving thing.

    My mom just smiled and said, "You just trust them and let go!"

    Words couldn't get any truer but I still have issues with the letting go part. Only time will tell I guess.

    Cait, my oldest, was looking at Dak's pictures and think he's pretty hot. She wishes we lived so much closer.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I don't even know where to start to comment on all this randomness! Let me first of all say how very much I have missed you, sweet friend, over the last few weeks! A lot has been going on in my life recently and I am just now beginning to get back into blogging.

    I am so sorry to hear that your sweet mother had such a rough time getting her port flushed. I'm like you, I can't imagine them continuing to use a "bad" batch of needles -if they KNEW they were bad! Goodness!

    It seems like yesterday that you posted that picture of Dak on his first day of his Sophomore year! Wow, has this year flown by! I know that you must be so proud of him, and rightfully so! He's a fine young man that God is going to use in a mighty way!

    How sweet of your mother to buy you those roses and I love the clay vase that you have them in. It reminds me of a honey jar that I bought from a potter in the NC mountains on my honeymoon.

    I imagine you're enjoying Lil' Scoot this weekend, but I look forward to catching up when you can!

    Love you, girl!