Friday, May 8, 2009

Storms, Random Friday and oh yeah, a question...

So first, what in the blue blazes is going on in MO? The weather this morning was CRAZY here ~~ oh my stars!!!

I pulled a couple of pics off of our local news website to show you. These are not of our house or trampoline (thankfully) but I just wanted to show you our crazy morning here in SW MO.

How crazy is this? Trampoline in a tree ~~ YIKES!!

On a side note our neighbors trampoline did take a hit, but Dak's remained strong (I knew ya'll would be concerned for Dak and his trampoline =)

And then check this out.....this tree was literally snapped in two by the winds. That is just crazy, and that is in my little small town.........crazy I tell ya!!!!!

So since this is Random Friday and all, I thought I commence with the Random part of this post. The following are a few pics of my spring flower/tree/bush gardens. I have some pics of our veggie garden to show you, but I guess I was done adding pics because my brain moved on. Does that ever happen to you? Anyway...... maybe I'll get those up soon too =)

This is our beautiful Japanese Maple ~~ that is not a deep beautiful maroon ~~ no and I'm not upset about that fact at all ~~ even though when I bought it I was told it would turn maroon in the fall and stay that way ~~ I am so gullible. Anyway, I do really love it. We trim it so it keeps this pretty head of leaves on top and a bare trunk.....yes I do love you my pretty. Now it is suppose to be miniature, hence, planting it right next to our house, but it is already bigger than my friend's whose was miniature and was smaller than this one (and maroon) and like really old. So I am a wee bit concerned, that maybe it isn't mini after all ~~~ hmpffff.....

anyway......I think I'm rambling today......must be the storms......anyway.......=)

This is our hucera, and I show you this one because it was so little when we first planted it and I found out later I planted it in the wrong spot. (I really need to start getting my plant info from another source obviously =) But this year, look at it go. It is so pretty and big ~~ I heart you my cute coral bell (hucera)!!

Here is our hosta. Look at this thing!!!!! Some how it has decided to take over our front flower bed~~

Check out this leaf!! That hosta is out doing itself this nice....

And last but not least, I had to show you my bird bath that Dak bought me two years ago for my birthday. And how it is surrounded by this rose bush that is FULL of pretty!!! Thanks Dak!!

I know this post is random, rambling and all over the place, but I have one more thing....a question.

Does any of ya'll make a menu out each week? And if you do, how strict do you adhere to it? Do you shop by it?

I'm asking because I think this is something that I need to be doing. I used to do it, but it got to much for me to keep up with, but now that I'm not working anymore and have a little more time, maybe it will work better and help keep me and my grocery budget on track. So please let me know any hints or tips or tidbits or just stuff.....thanks!!!

Have a Blessed weekend,


  1. Love all your pictures! Thank so much for sharing. I love seeing where other people live and I love seeing their gardens.

    So glad Dak's trampoline survived!!

    I don't make a menu plan for the week because our day's vary so much, kids are never home, hubby leaves unexpectedly, I have even given up on a dinner hour around here because my kids are usually eating at their friends, church, or "I got dinner on the way home".

    Sorry if it wasn't the response you were looking for.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Before we got grocery shopping we always plan out our week's meals that way we can get all of the ingredients. It has really saved us money!

  3. I gasped... I thought that was Dak's trampoline before I read it & let out a big sigh of relief for him!!!

    It has been some craziness with the weather everywhere lately... Between Swine Flu, crazy rains, snow into Spring... Jesus come back now! :o)

  4. Wow! That weather is crazy. You shared some good pictures to let us witness the craziness.

    Menu planning, uhh... I'm not very consistent. But if you keep it simple and not try and outdo yourself, it works quite well. There is a blog that has "Menu Plan Monday" that I have participated in and can check out other bloggers' menus. I forget the URL, though. That's not helpful.

    I have a question for you. How do you use "Smilebox" for you headers? They look great! Thanks.

  5. that is so like our small town a storm comes and we bust out the camera! glad nothing got damaged to badly!
    i hate menu planning! i'm not good at it at all! i do plan and then that day i realize i'm not in the mood for what i planned for then i change all around!! it does save money though!!!
    have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's day!

  6. The weather DID get scary yesterday morning, didn't it?

    I don't really do a planned menu... we're just not home enough in the evenings for that to work well. I eat a lot of the same things, so I kinda know what I'm going to be eating all week long. Dave comes in around 7 or 8 in the evening now that it stays light longer, so he'll either warm up what I made or fix a sandwich or something when he comes in. The kids are grown now and we've lost the fine art of eating together as a family. Sad, isn't it?