Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And a Fun Time was had by ALL!!

Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of taking these terrific ones to the fair.
Yep, Alyssa, Dak and Mom (a.k.a. Grandma =)

Are they not the cutest?
I mean seriously!!!
Hey Alyssa, get your tongue back in your mouth girl =)
There are so many fun things at the fair.
There was AMAZING produce, like these terrific pumpkins.
Check these babies out!!!
I heart pumpkins =)

And of course there is the unusual at the fair ~~
Have you ever?!! I mean really....
This is the largest watering can I have ever seen ~~ HUGE!!

And of course there are animals at the fair.
And yes of course there was me at the fair with said animal.
Okay I know this is a mule, and we're both in white ~~ okay are you done now ~~ anymore jokes
go on, get it out of your system ~~ done?
Good....moving on....... =)

And good gravy, look at this pig!!!
She had 3 or 4 "babies" ~~
seriously mama, it's time to wean these babies!!!
This picture is for my daddy.
He is a lover of all things car ~~ old and new.

Okay, so I have a love of frogs.
Look at this guy, is he not the cutest?
And he let me ride him.
So nice.

Okay and here I am up close and personal with Mr. Prince Frog.

And here I am showing some love to the froggy.
I told my Aunt K that I got the prince (hubs) and then kissed the frog.
She informed me that was the way to do that!!
She said, "You can kiss a lot of frogs."
So true, Aunt K, So true!!!
There are just the neatest things at a fair.
I heart the "Chronicles of Narnia" the books and then of course the movie(s).
And this is from the local production.
I took the picture for the wolf. Because my husband is all about the wolf,
And then I saw what is was....ahhhh yes, I was a happy girl =)
And the quilts ~~ oh my stars, there are some talented folks out there!!!
Sunflowers are my fav flower, so yes, I'm sure you will sense a theme.
This is a quilt ~~ no kidding!!!
This is an old carriage that I just thought was really cool.
(Threw that in for free ~~ your welcome!! =)
This is a WOODEN chess set.
My Uncle L is a master woodsman (I'm not sure what you call it, but he is all about the wood =)
He stood and admired this for a long time.
And Dak is all about the Chess, so he enjoyed this as well.
Here are A and D getting on the only water ride they had on this lovely 100+ heat indexed day.
Ahhhh yes, fair weather to boot!!!
Dak is not a lover of the roller coaster, but that Alyssa had him going on some crazy stuff.
He even rode the Gravitron!! Yep my little one is growing up =) !!!

Then we hit the 4-H building, and oh my lands, there are some talented youngster's out there.
Here is a lady bug CAKE ~~ Not a model but a CAKE!!
Are you sensing a theme?!!
I heart sunflowers!!
The girl who made this cake had a note attached to it that said the sunflowers took her a long time to make, because she wanted all the petals to be uniform in size.
How cute is that?!
Yep, these kids put a lot of hard work into their projects.
And then there's these two.
This is a tattoo on her leg that she got from the scary trying to hit on her 50 year old airbrush tattoo dude. Yep there is one in every crowd!!!
And then there's these two ~~ me and my mama!!
Thanks for going with, mom ~~ you are the best!!!

Yep tired and ready to go home!!!

Indeed, a good time was had by all!!!


  1. Love all the pics... especially with that frog... cute! And nope - no jokes from me with the donkey...

    Glad your mom was able to go!

    I love the fair - can spend the WHOLE day inside with the animals & all the crafts & cakes & photography competitions... HOURS on end right there!

  2. I so enjoyed this precious!

    Love you and your Mom and you and the frog!! All the photos are great! A good time was had by all for sure!

    Love you.

  3. What fun, but why must they always make a face when your taking their picture? :)

  4. Dawn,

    Love all the pictures of county fairs. Just one of those things about the summer. I just wish they did them in the fall when it's so much cooler.

    Just want to know that you have been assigned a task to complete. Please stop by my blog for more details.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. OH! A fun day at the fair!! (Was that at Springfield?)