Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well now that's a 1st ...

Well hello there, and welcome to my first birthday party!!!
My name is Sky (a.k.a. Sir Cuteness per my GiGi)
and I am a hoot!!
Welcome ~~ come on in to my NEW house, kick your feet up and enjoy my party =0)

I had lots of visitors ~~ like 25 in all, (so they tell me, I can't really count yet =0)
Like my GiGi, yep she came to visit.
She loves me so, I can feel it all the time.
I love to play and she makes sure I get LOTS of playtime!!!
Oh yes and then there's my Papa and Uncle Dak....
These two are so fun ~~ they make sure I am a little naughty sometimes ~~
Ya know, just to get it out of my system ~~
Ya know, like throwing my diapers ALL OVER THE FLOOR when GiGi is in typing on her computer ~~ what is she doing anyway.... something about a blog .....
I don't really know what that is, but GiGi says I'll really like seeing all the fun posts of me when I get older ~~ YAY!!!!
But seriously nobody is like my papa.
As soon as he hits the room, I am ready to go, yep anywhere he wants to take me.
Pick me up papa let's go!!!
And that Uncle Dak is so cool ~~ and he has a trampoline ~~
yep he's the best Uncle EVER!!!!!

My Great g-ma and Auntie came to visit to.
I really like my Auntie L, she makes me smile!!!

Okay so onto the good stuff ~~ the presents ~~ YAY!!!

Look at my new duds.
Mom kept putting them on top of the duds I already had on...
It was mama's the best!!

Oh did you hear? I got a train that I can ride and it makes noise and everything ~~WOOHOO!!!!! CHUG-A-CHUG-A-CHOO-CHOO!!!!!

Oh yes, and then there's my four-wheeler ~~ Now that's a ride!!!

Well I got lots more stuff, but time restraints and picture overload keeps me from showing you everything (at least that's what my GiGi says..... =)
So onto the cake!!!
See I'm one!!
This is the big cake, for all the big people at my party...

But this right here?... Yep this is all for me...
Can you believe it?!!

This is my mama and daddy!!! They are the best!!
I love them!!!!!

So here I am feeding my self...well kind of.
I don't quite have that down yet.

Okay, so this is how I really eat.
Nope no spoon for me.
Give me my yummee fingers!!!
Okay, maybe I'll go back to the spoon...
There's more cake on it!!! =)

Thanks for coming..........
GiGi says ya'll are really nice......
And guess what?!!
I think so too!!!!!
Love and hugs to you,


  1. What a bummer-first day of school on your birthday. Kind of like my Little K, she turned 16 on Sunday and had to wait forever (until the next day) to get her license.

    Teens are just funny.

  2. Looks like sir cuteness had a great day!

  3. Love the pictures!! (There's the chicken leg bone again! - hehe!!!)

    Love the cool new rides Sir Cuteness is sportin'

    Hey - I had your address but not sure where I put it - so if you can send it to me again - I'd LOVE to send out Dak a card!!!!

  4. Dawn,

    What a great post today! I love having the play by play by sir cuteness. I felt like he was an all star host!

    I would love to send along a birthday card to Dak. Please contact me at

    We too are sending our Junior off to school in two weeks to start her year off right. Who knows perhaps Dak and Cait could be pen pals.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. What a fun 1st birthday party. I love how Sky has the cake between his legs! Ha!