Friday, August 21, 2009

How Marvelous, How Wonderful.....

Is the Savior's love for me!

Do you remember this song? I heard it this morning on this blog, right here. I'm sure most of you have read or heard the story of little Kate Mcrae, and probably have visited her Caring Bridge site. This morning I was there reading the latest update and there was a link to buy bracelets in support for this family and was directed to Aaron Mcrae's blog. That is Kate's dad. If you get a few moments today, please go visit this blog. I was going to link to some specific posts on there that blessed my heart, but honestly there are so many. If you scroll down to the end of July you will see a series of three "I Hate Cancer" posts that are so powerful. The faith of this family will drive you to pray for them, truly their faith is AMAZING!!!

In one of those posts he is talking about the faith that amazed Jesus and he states, "Do I still have the kind of faith to amaze Jesus?" I'm telling you, you need to just take a few minutes and go sit and read. I was humbled and it certainly drew me to prayer for them. So sad this situation, but so MIGHTY OUR GOD!!

I have been dealing with a lot in life right now, and have started posts and deleted posts, and started them again, only to find myself not knowing for sure what to write. hmpfff. But please know that I am doing okay and God is having His way in my life. That is the important thing.

I am in the middle of a week long time of consecration to the Lord, and truly it is rocking my world. I am laying things down, and dusting things off and getting that armor back on this tired body. The helmet of salvation is in place, the belt of truth is secure around my waist, the breast plate of righteousness is securely fastened, and my feet are fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace. I have most recently put that shield of faith firmly back in my grasp (again =) so watch out flaming arrows, and the Sword, O the Precious Sword, yes indeed back in the other hand firmly. I am fighting with the Armor that the Lord has given me and I encourage you to do the same. If something is coming against you, in the Name of our Precious Savior, Jesus Christ, fight child. Take your stand and fight against the wiles of the enemy!!! He is our Defender, He is our Ever-Present Help in time of need, He is our Jehovah Rapher our Healer, and He is our Peace.


On another note: my computer died. sad. sad. But hubs bought me a new one this week. Oh happy day!!! It is a beautiful thing this new computer, complete with my Bible software, Talking Strong's ~~ YAY I have missed you. And now I'm equipped with my own i-tunes set up, no more sharing with Dak.

Oh yeah one more thing: Dak just came in from CC practice and instead of saying "hi mom ~~ you look pretty ~~ isn't it a lovely day?!!" nope I get:

"You are becoming a geek!"

Thank you son ~~ =)

Blessings and love to you,

PS I have a doc's appointment this morning at 10:00 am to see where we go from here.


  1. Hey - isnt "your a geek" from a compliment sorta a compliment?... better then - "you're old".. hehe!!!

    Still praying hard for you friend!

  2. Dawn,

    I will check out the other blog as soon as I finish all my other updates. So happy that you have a new computer with the ability to probably process things faster and even Bible software??? Now that is fancy plus your own Itunes????

    Not a geek, just a tech savvy Mom!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! It has been an emotional couple of days but cannot begin to express what He is doing through all of this. I have been praying for all who are participating in LOAM - I do not know what "stuff" you are dealing with but know you are being lifted up to the Lord! God bless you-Debbie

  4. I wear the badge of techno-geek proudly. One older man in my former church used to call me techno-babe becuase I was always putting together powerpoint presentations for special events.

    I am constantly encouraged and challenged by your heart and passion for the Lord. I know this post is a few days old, but I'm lifting you up in prayer right now!

    Stand strong, fully clothed for battle - in His power. The victory has already been won!

    Blessings ~ Lisa