Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Breakin' 3-D Style!!!

To say we had a good time yesterday, well would be an understatement. It was so fun to spend the day hanging out with my teenager, even if it did rain ALL DAY, and mess up my hair and it was cold, and, and, and it was still SO much fun!!!

We started the day off with my test, and then from there went to the Mall for a little Prom Shopping. If you know my son, you know that he is very conscious of the way he dresses. He loves to be fashionable and look nice almost all of the time. Well, for prom, he doesn't want to rent a tux. Now I really wanted him to, but it isn't what he wants, and after all he is practically a man at this point, so I must back off. bummer. So he wants to put together his own outfit. Now for most teenagers of the male persuasion, this could be disastrous, (in the lightest of sense =) but I am not concerned at all. He has such style sense, and will look GREAT no matter what he picks out.

So he did indeed pic out a really nice outfit, but a little pricy, so we are looking around. I have pics of it, but I don't want to show him off until prom =)

The theme for prom this year is "Masquerade". So we did buy his mask, and it is so cool and because I want to wait to show him in it, until he is all ready to go, (ya know for effect and all =) I thought you might like to see me model it. Yes, Next Top Model here I DON'T come!!! =) anyway...

Ta-da!!! How interesting and creative is this mask. I've never seen another like it (except for the three more hanging on the rack =) very Phantom of the Opera-ish!! It was my favorite one. I was really glad he chose it. He is going to look wonderful ~~ absolutely wonderful!!!

And here is my sweet, prom-going teenager. How adorable is this child? I LOVE HIM SO!!!
Yeah I don't know why he looks like this, other than we are sitting right next to Starbucks IN THE MALL, and his mother has been wearing his prom mask for the better part of 5 minutes. Hahahaha!!!
We grabbed a snack and headed to the movies to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D. It was really good and turns out that the 3-D's of today really are a cut above yesteryear's 3-D's. Who knew?!! But I will say this, if you are prone to migraines or headaches I would save a little moolah and just see it in good ole 2-D (or whatever it is, I so don't know =) Because I know that my sweet husband would've been so sick, if he'd watched it in 3-D. But if you aren't bothered by such, oh please, see it in 3-D and have yourself a ball. We had such a good time. We laughed and whispered and looked at each other off and on through the whole movie. It was a Beautiful day, despite the weather. A little rain couldn't dampen our spirits. See?...

See how much cooler the 3-D glasses are today instead of yesteryear? Do y'all remember the one blue lens, one red lens glasses of yesteryear? Yep these aren't your mama's 3-D glasses, or maybe they are....See?!!
My test was alright, but the level they were testing is REALLY low, so they gave me something for it, and I already feel better. But that my friends, is a post in its self.
Today I was filling out our Census ~~ slacker ~~ and was griping about it. Yes, I know very unbecoming, but I didn't want to do it, to be honest. I was busy and blah, blah, blah. So as I'm kindly complaining (hahaha) Dak says, "Well mom, at least you didn't have to travel to Bethlehem to do the Census." Oh snap.
Ok I'm done complaining. And then the silly thing only took me about 5 minutes, and that includes walking it to the mailbox. WOW I am so pathetic some days, but Dak keeps it real for me. Thanks son!!
Hope you all are preparing your hearts for Easter and all that the season means.
Love you,


  1. I cant wait to see Dak prom night now!!! That mask is INCREDIBLE!!!! Very dramatic!

    Glad you all had a good time! And you get to keep the 3D glasses? I thought they were your sunglasses at first...shows how old school I am - I too was thinking of the paper frames with red/blue... funny!

    Oh snap - Dak is right on the ball with the census... I'd rather walk to the mailbox rather then load up my 4 dogs & travel for days... would that mean I'd have to take another plane trip? YIKES!!!

    Love you friend!

  2. So glad you all had a great time. Great photos!!!

    Praying for your health dear sister. Love you.

  3. I can't wait to see the prom pics either, Little K is preparing for hers as well. Actually, she has the dress and shoes and now is deciding what to do with her hair - girls.

    As far as that census, mine is still in the basket just looking at me.

    Have a great weekend.