Monday, April 5, 2010

My what a Beautiful Easter!!!

What a fun and beautiful Easter weekend we had, as you will see in the pics following.

What you won't see is a pic of Sir Cuteness. He went to sunrise service with his daddy and then to an Easter egg hunt that afternoon and dinner, but I wanted to show you his basket and don't worry, I'll have plenty more pics of him to show =)

Okay so check out this Easter Basket. Is this not the cutest?!! Yes that is Elmo. I got that little diddy at Target. I know. You gotta love it!!! The baseball one is Dak's. We bought that one several years ago (like probably 5 or more). I don't remember where we got it. I think maybe Hobby Lobby, no Target around these parts then. I know, it is adorable as well. I pull it out every year. I love it that he has the same one every year, and so personal to him. He loves his Cardinal's baseball!! Oh why yes that is cologne and Ferro Roche, his favorite candy. And yes I am cheap frugal and got it off the regular candy aisle instead of buying the container shaped like a bunny, and yes I did say about $3.00. And no, Dak didn't care one bit!!!

Oh and check out this cake that Sir Cuteness and I made. Now it is suppose to look like a sunflower, ours looks more like a diamond, but either way, it is so cute. We had fun doing that!!

Here is my handsome teenager all dressed up for church. (Yes and barely awake!! and it was after 10:00 am -- we went to a later service). He didn't get back from St. Louis on Saturday night until after midnight, so he was a tired boy. But he had a blast in St. Louis on a field trip!!! St. Louis is about 3 1/2 - 4 hours from here, so he had a lonnnnggg, but fun, day.

And here I am. All ready to go to Easter service. I love Easter so!!! And this Easter especially God spoke to me so special. It was a special time for me. Thank you Father!!

Here I am holding one of my favorite crosses in our Prayer Room. It says "He is Risen"!!! Indeed He is ~~ Hallelujah!!!!!

Me and my handsome boy ~~ I love this kid so!!!

And this is my fav pic of the day!!! (I'm not showing you the ones that make me look like I have a ginormous head and an even ginormouser nose!!! hahahahaha Dick and I got a good laugh out of those!!)

Now these next few pics will no big deal to some of you, but those of you who know Dak personally need to sit down. Yes, go on, take a seat right now. There that's better.....
Why yes, that is a SALAD he is holding.....

What? Is he really going to take a bite of a salad?

Ummm yes, yes he did. You see, he went to Hard Rock Cafe in St. Louis on Saturday, and was NOT impressed. It cost him $21 and some change for a burger, fries and a drink, and the burger, which he ordered well done, came out mooing at him. He ate around the edges and then brought that raw thing home and stuck it in our fridge....EEK!! Needless, to say he was sick of burgers!!! So on the way home from church, he was telling me the story and how he'd almost ordered the Caesar Salad because it was only $10.00, but he just didn't know if he'd have ate it or not. HE IS NOT A SALAD EATER AT ALL!!! I always have to fix him something different when we have salad. So I told him if he wanted, I'd fix him a Caesar Salad when we got home, and since Subway was closed, he took me up on it.
So we stopped at Price Cutter and got a rotissere chicken, some Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar salad dressing. He was so nervous to try it, (it was so cute), but he did......AND LOVED IT!!! He even ate one for supper before he went and played tennis. Two salads in one day, now that my friends is progress!!!
I hope you all had a beautiful Easter as well. I would like to leave you with the verse on the back of the program that our church handed out yesterday.
Romans 8:11 The Message
"It stands to reason doesn't it
who raised Jesus from the dead
He'll do the same thing in you
That He did in Jesus
Isn't that good?!!! If you have a Message Bible you should look up this whole passage, it is really good. Our church service was OUTSTANDING!!! We went to the third service (there were four) and there was probably at least 50 that went forward for salvation in that service alone. God moved among us ~~ it is a beautiful thing!!!
Love you all ~~ have a Blessed week,
I don't know why this pic is at the end. It should be up there with the other ones, but blogger saw fit to move it while I was deleting some empty spaces. Oh well, I'll go with it......


  1. Thats a hilarious picture to have at the end... Blogger was correct in putting it there! ;)

    You & Dak look awesome for Easter! That's a great picture of the two of you! You look so dang adorable!... I thought of you yesterday & wondering how your Easter was. Know you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Love the Easter baskets too! Who doesnt love Elmo? And you got me craving a salad now!!!!

    love ya friend!!!

  2. Dawn,

    I've noticed that blogger hasn't exactly been cooperating very well lately. I too have had issues using the italicized button. Once I used it, it doesn't want to go back to normal font.

    Love all your pictures and Sir cuteness is missing from them. So glad that you all had a wonderful Easter celebration!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Dawn,
    It must be a guy thing. Mine men don't care much for vegetables either. My DH will have about 1 salad a year. And forget all about fruit. Dak is so cute.
    I am glad your Easter was so lovely.