Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tennis in the Real World ...

Dak had his first competitive tennis meet match EVER!! yesterday afternoon. (Note to self: Cross Country = meet ~~ Tennis = match ~~ I never get that right =) He gets so nervous before a match or meet for that matter =). And yesterday was no exception. He threw up while still at school just getting ready. Poor guy. Hopefully he has that out of his system for the season. He looked very calm and prepared.

So when I think of seeing a tennis match I'm thinking Wimbleton obviously. Ya know, bleachers up high looking down on the courts and the spectators snapping away with their cameras and cheering on the players, but this is Tennis in the Real World...chain link fence, mesh netting covering said chain link fence and all ~~ yep, Tennis in the Real World!! But a mom does what she can and takes pictures anyway. Yep I clicked right away. I will NOT be deterred by a fence or mesh, nope...I move right on with my picture taking self!!


This particular match was at a community tennis facility, so as you can see the picture taking was PITIFUL!! My kiddo's first tennis match and this is the kind of pics I got. Hmpfff. And you couldn't even really see. There was mesh netting all the way around except for the entrances. Yep annoying! But I still got to where I could see. You know, being the very calm and cool mom that I am =)

So here is Dak in rare form, serving. The child can serve!! He's learning to put a spin on the ball and when he gets it in the pocket, whew take that opponent!!! (Okay calming down =)

And here he is waiting to return the ball. You go my boy ~~ rock right on with your cute self!!!
He is ranked 2nd of 14 in singles and ranked 1st with his partner in doubles. They lost their doubles match 8-6 and won his singles 8-4. GOOD JOB DAK!!!

Our next match is Thursday. BRING IT ON!!


I wanted to give you an update on the other happenings of yesterday:

My mom came through her cataract surgery just fine. We go back to the doc early this morning to get the bandages off.

While me and my sis waited on my mom, I got a call from Dick and he said his mom had been taken to the hospital with a possible stroke. So after I got my mom home and settled, I went to the hospital to see my husbands mom. She was sitting up and talking and walking, but the doc hadn't come in yet, when I had to head to Dak's match and I couldn't get ahold of her last night. But hopefully we will know something more this morning. I'll keep you posted.

Well I'm off and running again this morning.

I have some really fun changes headed the blog way soon!!! Looking so forward to it and can't wait to share ~~ but I must =)

Have a SUPER Blessed and beautiful day,


  1. Hi Dawn,

    Praying for your Mom and Mother in law.

    Way to go Dak!!!

    You have my love and prayers dear friend.

  2. That's just wrong to make parents have to eye through a fence! I went to watch one of the youth kiddos pole vault & the fencing was making me dizzy... like a 3d kinda feeling..

    But they had bleachers so I could move up... duh...

    You need to make Mini-signs that fit through the links of the fence for Dak! ... or tiny balloons... I wish I were close to you - we'd totally have that boy embarrased!

  3. Dawn,

    WOW us moms will go to any length to get pictures of our kids for blogging reasons of course.

    Sounds like good news if your MIL is up and talking. We'll keep both in prayer that God will handle their care.

    How are you doing?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Wow!! Dak did good at his first tennis match!

    Glad to hear your mom did well with her surgery. Praying that Dick's mom is recovering nicely, too!!