Monday, May 3, 2010

Prom 2010 ~~ The Cuteness Never Ends.....

Okay, so maybe this cutie didn't get to go to Prom this year,
but he did get to wear the shoes of Prom, and that's important right?

Well, here is my extremely cute kiddo!!!
I so LOVE the outfit he chose,
and man do I love this adorable guy!!

And that smile ~~ melts my heart every time!!

This is one of my fav pics ~~
He wanted to take a few with his car of course.
Yep he's a dude, and dudes like their cars...

So cute .....
I LOVE this pic ~~ he is looking at Sir Cuteness ~~
so sweet!!!
And here they are....
Brandon ~~ Dak's BFF
Dak and Tailor ~~ his date for the evening.
She is a beautiful girl, inside out.
And she was stunning.
Her dress ~~ gorgeous!!

And then I said....
Okay now do something silly...
And Tailor says, "I was just thinking last night, I bet Dak's mom is going to make us do silly pictures."
How'd she know?!! It was so funny and soon as I said it, Brandon never skipped a beat, finger immediately went to the nose.
I love this kid!!! He is the funniest guy ~~
And of course one more...
Well, because I love these fun pics ~~
Love 'em =)
And then of course the obligatory pics with mom....
Oh how I love this boy!!!
Jesus, Thank You for giving me THIS child!!! You knew. You so knew.
I love You Father, Amen
And they're off.....
And then for some fun pics at the Prom...
This is Sami and Brady
A.K.A. Prom King and Queen!!!

Yep, this is the same Sami that has sang with Dak for years.
He is going to miss her so.
In fact, today Dak was saying that there's just four more days of school with Sami.
That's sad for him.
We are so happy she won!!!
Here is Dak and Alyssa ~~
I mean seriously, look at this beauty ~~
Alyssa absolutely looked STUNNING ~~
And here is Dak bustin' a move with Bree our neighbor.
How funny is this?!!?!
Love it!!!
So cute!!
Dak and Tailor doing a little slow dancin'
swayin' to the music
slow dancin' just me and my girl ~~
(Remember that song?)
(Is it stuck in your head now?)
(You're welcome =)
And here is my boy ~~ getting jiggy wit it ~~
Oh yeah!!!
A fun time was had by all.
Dak went to an after Prom party and didn't get home until about 10:00 AM.
This is the first time that we've ever let him stay out all night at a party,
but this party was at his Cross Country coach's house.
This family are such wonderful Christian people.
I was so thankful that they opened their home to the kids.
Their daughter is a Senior.
So there it is Prom 2010.
I'm so thankful everyone was safe and had a good time.
Dak said there was no drama.
That in itself is a HUGE Blessing!!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Dak sure was lookin' dapper for the prom! I can't believe his junior year is almost over! Next year will be bitter sweet... enjoy every minute!

  2. PROM!!! YIPEE!!! Dak looks amazing! Such style! Didnt he put that together himself? Great job...very dapper indeed!

    looks like a great time - full of friends, dancing, & FUN! Exactly what a prom should be!

  3. That boy, my oh my! What a looker! And sweet to I understand from his mom who is not biased in the least. LOL. Looks like a good time was had by all.