Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Friday ~~ Boy What a Week!!!

WOW we have been SO busy this week.
I have lots of posts running around in my head,
but I've yet to get it down on "paper" =)
Well, let's have some Random Friday fun, shall we? =0)
On Tuesday, Dak had his last regular season Tennis Match.
Districts were suppose to be today, but we got rained out.
But that seems like a huge understatement. The road that connects to our road is flooded,
and it is just yucky out. So they've rescheduled districts for Monday.
Well, here is Dak tearing it up on the tennis court on Tuesday.
He played very hard. He lost the game, but he was fierce!!
He even played the last 2 sets with an injury.
He had gone up to slam it and when he came down,
he hit his knee with his racket. Ouch!!!
But he is fine and he finished the game.
You did great son!! You rock!!!!!
Fierceness, I tell you....
Beautiful, wonderful, Fierceness!!!
And here is our future 'lil tennis star!!!
Sir Cuteness LOVES him some tennis.
It was so cute, he went home and replayed Dak's game.
Oh I thought I'd just fall completely apart because of the cuteness!!!
Oh how we love these two tennis stars!!!!!
I love this pic.
Hey ball, what's up?!! heehee

Can you even handle the cuteness?!!
I know!!
I love this one too ~~
Hut-Hut Hike the tennis ball =)
End of the game - good gaming it.
Such good sportsmanship from both guys.
This is one of our roses in our flower bed.
How beautiful!!!
God does amazing work doesn't He?
I took some pics of our gardens the other day to do a Spring Garden Post.
Yep it's one of those posts that are running around in my head....
yep I'll get it on here soon...
Here is Dak with our Azalea.
Such a great pic!!!
Hahaha ~~ need I say anything else =)

Graduation was Monday evening.
Here I am before graduation.
I look like a giant.
Dick was on the floor when I asked him to take this pic to make sure my camera was on the right settings, because I am a camera dork.
Complete and total dork!!!

Here is the obligatory throwing of the hats!!!
I love this!!
I loved throwing my hat, although I was worried I wouldn't get it back.
I did.
And now I don't have it...
It was such a nice ceremony.
The speaker was really good.
A Christian Motivational Speaker.....

Well, how was that for randomness?!?!! Pretty good huh?!!
Have a Super Blessed day ~~ love you all,


  1. It has been stormy the last week or so, hasn't it?? Y'all have been getting it again this morning.

    I can't believe another school year has come and gone.

  2. So Dak is REALLy a senior now with graduation? WOW!

    Look at those tennis skills... & look at your little sports man in Sir Cuteness... his little face is just adorable!!!

    And how HOW are you!!! Love that outfit & with the new hair!!! GO GIRL!

    That picture of Dak in the bushes - he cracks me up - such a poser! :) I Love it!

  3. It has been rainy here all week too. The sun has peeked out today and hopefully will stay out all weekend. It is the fishing opener here and many fisherman would be extremely disappointed if it rained. Dak is just so very cute. Love him in the flowers. Sir Cuteness is so lovable.
    Your rose is divine indeed. Our wildflowers have just started blooming. I will have pics now that the sun is out.