Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Choosing the Best......

Wow it has been since last Wednesday since I posted. What's up with that? I think I'll blame it on my sister and B-I-L's vacation. You see they went to Tennessee and messed with my mojo =) Usually if I haven't posted in a couple of days, my sis will mention that B said I'm slipping. Well, with them being in the Smokies livin' it up (I'm not bitter at all) and taking nice long walks in the mountains (nope, not bitter) and going to Dollywood and riding trams and taking long drives in the mountains (still not bitter), my mojo got all off. So yep, I'm blaming it on those two =)

Well, seriously last week was a not a good one for me. I am not a person given to depression for the most part. It just doesn't happen. Oh I may have a down day or two now and then, but to have a whole week of just oppression on my head, well I just generally don't have that. Well, last week I did, and can I just tell you.....yuck.

In all the craziness going on in my head last week, I still was striving to do better. I was choosing better things in my thoughts. It was hard, but when I would feel the most attacked, I'd start praying. At one point I was standing at my kitchen sink and just feeling completely attacked and really just feeling no.good.at.all.to.anyone. (Yep told ya it was a stinky week), that I just started to pray and asked God to help me, and He did. And then I'd feel attacked and I'd ask and He'd help and pretty soon I was doing a lot of Help me's and ya know what?.... He did. Every time. As I look back on last week, when I asked, He was right there. OKay that goes for my life.....He has always been there for me.......and promises He will always be. What a mighty God I serve!!!

So I decided to more consciously choose the best, His Best. That is what my Father desires to give me and so that is what I am seeking Him for....His Best. You see His Best is WAY different than my best. At my best, I am still just a pitiful, selfish, ate up girl, but His Best is peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, enduring love. That is what He longs for my life, so that is what I am choosing these days. His Best. With all that it entails and all that I need to choose to get there. It is proving to be quite a ride!!!!! Yep I'm sure there will be more on that at some point.


Well, I'd like to share a few other things in pics that have been going on or are getting ready to go on in our lives.


This cute thang is having his Senior Pics TOMORROW afternoon. Please do not get me started. Will someone please hand me a virtual Kleenex? Thanks RJ =)

He is ready, so I guess I'd better be too. I'm going to the studio with him tomorrow and then he and the photographer and a friend are going to downtown Springfield to take some outdoor shots. I've decided I want to be surprised. I'm so excited!!! He is just so stinkin' cute!!

See what I mean?....

And then there is this bundle of cute.....

Yep Sir Cuteness himself....or at least his eye, and his beloved bink that mommy and daddy are vowing to take away from him when he turns 2 which is Saturday. Can you believe it? Sir Cuteness will be 2 Saturday!!! RJ tissue please =)

So Sir Cuteness decided the other day that he wanted to wear my tuba-grip. How funny is this? This child COMPLETELY cracks me up!!!

And here is my sweet Sir Cuteness today at church. We went to check out the book store and fitness center. These pics were taken on my phone....hence the poor quality.

Why yes, that is a cup cake he is eating.

And can I just say, those cupcakes are DELICIOUS!!! It was SO cute!!
He is SO intent on devouring this baby.....

And then he kicked back, licked his lips, and took it easy....ya know full belly and all.

So there you have it......... a long post to catch up.......... yep my sister and B-I-L are back and they brought my mojo with them.....thanks you two =)
Love y'all ~~ have a Blessed day,


  1. I'm sorry you had a down week... but glad you're doing better!!

    I cannot believe Dak is getting his senior pics already. You're early... we were almost too late with ours, ha!! He'll have a blast with them!

  2. Hey lady - you said in your message you were OK! Still a rough time? I've been there... done that! At least you start praying immediately - exactly what you should do... I'm gonna pray for you too friend... for God to lift you out of that funk! We've all been there...

    I'm sure the photo shoot will put a smile on your face & cheer you up (in the midst of the tears)... I'm sending you that viritual Kleenex right now! :) I'm sure those pictures are going to be A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!! Cant wait to see them! Take a note pad so you can write down some memories & things said for the senior scrapbook!!!!

    And their in the Smokies? One of my favorite places in the whole world!!!!! I'm so happy in a cabin in the mountains - sitting in a rocking chair just staring at the beauty... nothing like it!

  3. Dawn, Its seems like only yesterday that you were a senior. Then Dakota came to K and he was so cute and still is. Now he is ready for his senior year. How quickly time passes, enjoy the ride. I'm thankful that you sound better, I will contue to pray for you and your household. Love You

  4. Precious, I'm sorry it was a hard week for you last week. Praying for you now...

    Loved the photos and because I may not be online Sat and then we're starting our vacation so I'll be off line all next week; so I wanted to say BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS TO SIR CUTENESS!!! Wow, 2 already?! My granddaughter turns 2 on Sunday, Aug 1st. Maybe one day they'll meet and become good friends!!! :)

    Love you!