Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I'm Rockin' Right Now....

Remember my recent knee post? Ya know the, Knee....Knee.....Knee...... shaking my head post?

Y'all are so kind. I got the sweetest comments. I wanted to give y'all an update on the old girl since I don't do that often, generally because of my frustration level with it. Yep I just get over it some days......way over it!!! Ready to move on and then realize that what I am experiencing in way of trial is drawing me closer to God. His grace IS sufficient. HIS power is made perfect in weakness. So I press on through the pain, learn through the trial, all the while trying to enjoy as much of the scenery along the way that I can.


Monday. My friend G and I headed to Branson, because I was having a moment. Some days I do. I just have moments where I need out of my house lest the walls close in....ya know? Monday was one of those days. So my friend G and I headed to Branson for a hot day of fun!! Really hot!!!

I'm only posting this one pic of that day and maybe I'll post a couple of others later on, because that is an entire post of its own =) but for today I wanted to show you what I'm sporting in way of knee attire these days....

Well right now I am rocking the tuba-grip. Now isn't this a cute look? I don't really think to much about it until I see pics and then I think, "Hey what's wrong with that girls leg?" Oh yeah I remember.............. six knee surgeries.....that a do it =)

That particular one comes down to mid-shin. I have some that go to my ankle. I wear which ever fits the knee-mood of the day. It has a mind of its own ya know.


That's what the knee is rocking these days. Oh and I will have another knee update soon. Maybe mixed in to another post. I have been doing something a little different and it seems to be helping so I'd like to looking for that.....

Okay so if you have yet to visit my friend Rebecca Jo (whom I affectionetly, with her permission, call RJ) you need to RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT -- and then come back 'cause I have some really cool stuff to show you =)

Now isn't she just THE coolest!!! I love her so!! She and I have never met in person, but she is seriously one of my dearest friends. We talk and text and e-mail and blog and chat and facebook (and how many of those things were NOT verbs just a few years ago....anyway..... =)

Well yesterday I went to my mailbox and there it was....a lovely my mailbox......I heart mail of the box or card variety =) At first I thought it was a couple of books we have on order and then saw it was from RJ. I was SO excited!!! Oh and so was Sir Cuteness. I told him I had a present and his little face just lit up. Kids are so great. You mention present and they are all over that!!

As I opened it, he gave out an AHHH!!! I tell ya!! He loves you to RJ!!!

Well inside was a book, "Same Kind of Different as Me" GREAT book btw. A beautiful frame that I will be doing a whole post about. Something that I totally needed right now....

and these......

Yoga socks. I don't have any....actually until I read about them on RJ's blog, didn't even know they existed....but now I can't get enough of them. But these particular yoga socks are completely extra special. For one RJ knitted them. She is a beautiful yarn artist. But not only did she knit them for me, but she knit them out of the last of the sock yarn that her dear friend Stephanie gave her. Stephanie passed away from cancer I believe 3 years ago, and although I have only "met" her on RJ's blog, I feel like I know her. When I get to heaven I'd love to thank her for being such a good friend to RJ. I know that RJ's life was so shaped by this beautiful angel-lady. So my beautiful yoga socks are a gift I will always cherish. In fact this morning I put them close to my face and just breathed in and thought of Stephanie and RJ and God. Amazing moment!!! God is so good.

So here they are on my very long and slender feet.

Oh I must warn you, my face is goofy, I am goofy, and my goofy Dak took ya know what happens with that combo =)

Why yes, those are green toe nails....thanks for noticing!!!

I'm looking at Dak in this pic to the left. He got on to me and asked me, "haven't you ever modeled before?" hahahaha ummmmm no. hahahaha heeheehee okay I am rolling on that one. Silly boy!!!!
So he made me look at him. My modeling davu..... nice huh? =)

So that would be what I'm rocking these days. What about you?
SBS was GREAT last night. The discussions we are having in Summer Bible Study right here on the www are fascinating. I am learning so much.
Thanks for visiting and have a Blessed day,


  1. AHHHH - they look FANTASTIC on you!!!! So glad you like them... & thank you for this - & for remembering Steph... thats what makes YOU so special to me too!!!!

    Those are GREAT pics! You are TOTALLY a model!!! :) Let Dak know he must be a good photo director! haha!!!!

    So enjoyed the study last night & the Chatzy was awesome...

    BIG HUGS to you friend! I love you & your friendship!!!

  2. Love the socks. They look really comfy!

  3. Love the socks, they are so you. They are really you.

  4. Dawn,

    Doesn't just mail in the mailbox, the old fashioned one make you feel so loved? I love it too, but know how much it can lift your spirits on the dullest days just by a folded piece of paper with heartfelt sentiments.

    So glad that RJ was able to encourage you and love on you from afar and let you know just how special you truly are.

    I love you sweet sister and hope that you are feeling better.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. A trip to Branson ALWAYS does the trick for me. I've had the urge for the last two weekends, but I'm on a spending diet at the moment. Ha!!

    I seriously love those socks!!! And you DO have the slenderest feet and KILLER arms!!

  6. Can anyone join the Bible studies?

    And the socks look pretty cool!