Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Gift of the Broken...

This study has come at a time in my life that I absolutely needed a little Ruth. God knew that. Don't you just love that?!! He knew EXACTLY what I needed and provided it through a little book between Judges and I Samuel called Ruth.

Her story leaves me excited and refreshed everyday that I read it. Even the sad parts are leaving me hopeful. This story is a beautiful story of love and redemption. Yes it is a precursor to our Lord. I love that!!

Today I'd like to share with you something that hit me hard. Something I had never really considered, but it is the direct place that God has me right now and He spoke. I love that too!!!

Kelly Minter references that Ruth gave to Naomi of the barley she harvested; not out of her wealth, but out of her poverty. I know this concept. I understand it, giving when your broke. It makes no sense in our human, logical brains, but in God's economy makes all the sense in the world. But she takes this idea of giving in our broke-ness a whole new level. Here, see what I mean:

"...we all have something to give even if we're broke or broken."

Okay, ummmm WOW!!! I had never considered giving in my broken-ness. This hit me so hard, because this is where I am at RIGHT NOW, and God has been asking me to give in my broken-ness. That is one reason that this Bible study went LIVE online for me. It is what God asked me to do. I didn't understand it at the time, but when I read this line from Kelly I knew. It was a way for me to give in my broken-ness. A dear friend of mine has asked me to help her with something that only God could lay on her heart to ask me to help with, again, so I have opportunity to give in my broken-ness. I need that right now.

Sometimes I think that broken-ness will get the better of me and I will retreat to my bed with the covers pulled over my head, determined to try another day, just not this one. But God....don't you love that?!!.... will not let broken-ness in me become self-pity for long. I am so thankful....oh I've had my moments, my too long moments, but God lovingly brings me back to that place of commitment and trust. I love Him so!!!

So in this season, I am determined to give in my broken-ness. I am learning deep, abiding lessons in this season of broken-ness, that I would learn no other way. I am thankful that even though I'm going through some stuff, He is on His throne and has never left, nor will He. Praise His Name!!!

Thank You Father for the gift of broken-ness. Thank You for speaking to me specifically about this through this study. You are the BEST Father!!! Thank You for the plan of Redemption, that started long before Christ set His beautiful feet here on this earth. You were working out Your plan and You still are today. Oh how I praise You and Love You Lord!! In Jesus Name,

Have a Blessed day,


  1. oh friend... I LOVED that day's lesson.. I seriously wrote note after note in the sidebars on this one.

    I know on a normal day, odds are I'm more likely to be broken then all put together... so I'm beyond thankful that God can & DOES use that...

    I love that others use THEIR brokeness because that's what teaches & helps us through our own stuff...

    So much to learn in just these few chapters of Ruth...

    Love you friend!!

  2. I didn't start this study Dawn, because I am pit-deep in the new Breaking Free study! I am teaching it on Sundays and just can't keep 2different studies straight in my mind, but look forward to doing it next.

    love to you,

  3. Dawn, I was thinking of the widows mite. She gave all that she had, and God blessed it. That is all God expects is for us to give from what we have. I'm still praying for you. Love you

  4. Excellent word from God and thank you so much for sharing it with us! It is so easy for me to hide in self-pity and despair when I am broken but God calls us to give even then! It proves that we must act on what God says and not on how we feel!

  5. Not quite to that lesson yet, but how beautiful that is! I need that so much at this particular time. Giving in our brokenness - the only way to keep our head above water, right?

    Thanks for sharing, Dawn!

  6. Beautiful and fittly word today....I am going to meditate on that....