Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living on the Extreme Edge of Faith....

Again today, I'd like to share with you something I read out of this study. It is really good.....anyway....have I told you how much I'm enjoying it?.....anyway.......

Kelly says: "There's a lot to be enveloped by, though for me one consistent thread has knit its way into my soul, not letting me off its spool: Ruth's abandonment to living on the extreme edge of her faith, Ruth's decisions have not been made out of selfish ambition or even normal reason but out of a pursuit of God that is anything but ordinary."

I was wondering as I read that this morning, do I do this? Do I live on the EXTREME edge of my faith? Lately I have been trying to do just that and it is leaving me feeling VERY vulnerable.

I have a very dear friend that listens to me NO MATTER WHAT and offers only what she feels she can, and other than that, she just listens. She doesn't speak just to say something. She says something only when she has something to say. That is invaluable in a friend. Well, the other day I called her and told her that she needed to talk me down off of the emotional cliff. And since then I'll call and tell her I need some "cliff talking". She's ALWAYS there for me. I believe I could call her at 3:00 AM in the morning and she would be there to listen and "talk me down".

So what has brought this on for me? Well it is me living on the EXTREME EDGE OF MY FAITH; MAKING DECISIONS OUT OF A DEEP PURSUIT OF GOD THAT IS ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY for me!!!

WOW it takes some REAL dealing with stuff, but it is necessary. I read this morning about God's plans and how He is directing my steps. It makes each step a little lighter; a little easier to take; a little more sure in my moving forward. I am SO thankful for the hope that living out my faith brings. Fear is subsiding and faith is springing forth.

This study is just amazing for me. I am so enjoying learning about Ruth.... and Dawn. What a journey............ I knew about Ruth.... and Dawn, but God (love that)..... knew I needed to know more about both....AMAZING!!!


So I wanted to leave you with a couple of pics of what's been going on in the garden the last week or so......
Oh aren't they lovely?.....

Yep, Just beautiful.....and good eatin' too!!!

I think there's some salsa makin' days in my future =)

Love you ~~ have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. I just got caught up on your last few posts... and something you said in your last one really made me think about something a friend of mine is going through right now. It's almost exactly what I said to her.

    I hope your knee is feeling better now and you're crutch-less!!

    PS - My phone is the iPhone4 and I haven't had any trouble with the antenna-thing yet. I just don't hold it so low on the phone. So far, I really like it!