Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Bible Study ~~ Session 3 Together

Today is SBS '10 -- Session 3 ~~ YAY!!!

This study is challenging me and dropping me to my knees. I hope it is doing the same for you.

This evening as we meet, we will have a new chat room to go to together. I am SO excited. I think this will make it much easier for us to "get together" and see each other's comments more simultaneously without all the refreshing. You can refresh in the chatroom. Note: it is on the sidebar and says refresh. If you have not received the link from me and would like to join us please just e-mail me and I will send it to you. It is really easy to get set up and started. We will meet this evening at 7:00 PM (CST).

There is MUCH I could write about today that has been meaningful to me in the last two weeks of study, but I'd like to head over to the intro to the second week of study for us this time.

Kelly says: "Ruth is on the brink of heading to a threshing floor under the canopy of night, alone. Because, let's face it, some places we can only go with God by ourselves--there's just no way to take anyone with us...."

I know this threshing floor place. I have been there. I am currently there. Me and God. Doing what me and God do. Me being pitiful and God being mighty. Me crying, God soothing. Me whining, God telling me to cut-it-out and Believe. Me and God, and then I see the problem....God and me. That's better.

You see in the smallest of things, God needs to be first. In the largest of things, God needs to be first. In the all of life, God needs to be first. I am learning what this truly means. There are things that will never happen in your/mine life, unless God is first; unless we are willing to go to the threshing floor of our lives with just God and work it out. Let Him work out in us that which He alone placed in us to begin with, and it starts at the threshing floor.

Kelly goes on to say: "It was simply a walk of faith, a humble obedience with no strings attached. And this is the way we must approach our own threshing floors. Without demands. Sometimes in the dark. Alone. But with the expectation that God will always be found faithful and good."

And He will be, always. Always faithful. Always good. Always. No matter what. Always.

I hope this encourages you today. God is doing such a work in our lives girls. Let's not let fear and busyness keep us from ALL that He has for us today. Let's put Him first in it ALL and watch how He blesses and uses our obedience to Him.

I love you so ~~ see you at 7:00 pm (CST) ~~ oh and I will have a quick post up at 5 till 7 this evening as well, just as a reminder to anyone who'd like to join us and at that time I'll include the link.

Thanks ~~ love and hugs ~~ Have a Blessed day,

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