Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Eating...

I always think that "this" is my favorite season of eating....whatever "this" season is =)

In the Fall I LOVE all the pumpkin and cranberry dishes; the sweet potatoes are lovely this time of year..... mmmmm I love me some Fall eatin' .....

Then in the winter........girl loves her some comfort food; chili, Chip n salsa soup, chili-mac.... mmmmm I love me some Winter eatin' .....

Then a long comes spring and this girl LOVES her asparagus and sugar snap peas. I love the lightness and freshness that Spring brings ..... mmmmmm Yep, I love me some Spring eatin' .....

Then summer is here before you know it. Now summer didn't use to be a fav of mine as far as eating goes, because I just wasn't much of a fresh or raw eatin' kind of gal, but now that I am a garden girl, I LOVE IT!!!

For the last several meals, I've been eating fresh garden fare. Either out of my garden, or the Farmer's Market, or another's garden..... LOVE IT!!! For instance, night before last I had okra (our garden) coated in Panko Bread Crumbs, with tomatoes (our garden) and cucumber (almost D-I-L's garden =) and tiny yellow peppers (our next door neighbor's garden) and that was my delish delectable supper.

Well today for lunch I had Long Green Beans (FM), green pepper (MG), onion (MG), tomatoes (MG) stir fry with a little Nama Shoyu soy sauce and served over fresh potatoes (I think FM but could have been M-I-L's garden) either way they were beautiful fresh potatoes.

Oh, and then I made a lovely Peach Crisp for dessert. And this peach crisp is light and lovely made with whole grains (wheat pastry flour, spelt four and organic oats), and to keep it light I used apple sauce instead of butter for the topping. It makes it a little less crumbly, but it is still delish ~~ that is a GREAT trade off seeing how the original recipe calls for 1 STICK of butter. OH.MY.STARS.

mmmmm.... Yep, I am lovin' me some summer eatin' .....

So what are you favorite summer eats?

Love you ~~ have a Blessed weekend,


  1. I'm now hungry...

    Yep - just cant eat chili in summer time - so I get this idea of seasonal eating...

    But I LOVE fruit & veggies in the summer - & usually dont care for them in the winer. Just because you can get them so fresh! Especially fruit!

    our local orchard has a bakery as well & they have strawberry bread that I look forward too every summer... yeah, that's not too healthy! oops!

  2. you just made me hungry.....Have a great Sunday

  3. MMM! I love garden veggies. Tomatoes and cucumbers are my favorites... and corn!! I love corn! Ha!

    Not getting on to you... but are you eating ANY protein??? Worried about your lean body mass.

  4. Lets see!!!! Tomatoes, cumumbers, greenbeans, or anything you would love to grill for me. Maybe a little fresh corn. Love you

  5. Had a beautiful time today. I sure am enjoying all the tomatoes I'm stealing from you.

  6. Tomatoes are so good. I tried what you said it will not let me in, I,ll call you tomorrow. Love you