Friday, August 13, 2010


Yep 18 years ago right now I was in the throes of labor.....long, hard, 62 hours worth of labor. No epidural until the 40 hour mark and then Dak was born emergency C-section style. He's ALWAYS done things a little bit different =)

I thought on this beautiful day, I would share just a snippet of the letter I wrote him for today....


There are moments in everyone's life where you know that everything has changed; when your life has been touched with grace and love beyond what you have ever known. That happened to me 18 years ago. The grace and love that Abba Father showed to me through you has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever received on this earth.....

I'm so looking forward to seeing you move through your Senior Year with style & substance. Thank you for loving your mama.

Keep your feet grounded my boy and your heart open to all the wonderful possibilities that God holds for your Senior year and beyond..... I Love You.....Mom


Eat lots of Chinese tonight......

and cake....... =)

Be safe and have a super fun time!!!!
Wow my boy is growing up before my very eyes.
I'm tellin' ya.... he was in Kindergarten YESTERDAY or so it feels =)


  1. Dak,

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Know you have lots of life ahead of you & it all starts today... keep a smart head on your shoulders, a helping hand to offer others & God always in your heart to shine to the world! Blessings to you for a wonderful year!!!

  2. Blessings this Birthday and always Dak! Praying that all that GOD has purposed for you; that you will grab hold, love, trust and obey HIM and walk in the call of GOD He has on your life for you are HIS and HE adores you!!

    May this year and every year be filled with all the love, blessings and favor that GOD has for you as you draw close to HIM.


    I love you darlin' and I pray that all is well with you while I was on blog break. Hugs and love!

  3. I hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dak!!! May you continue to be as fun and free-spirited in your adult years as you are now!!