Thursday, August 12, 2010

Firsts Lasts......First Day of School for the Last Time....tear

Well for High School!! Yes, I know the first day of College is HUGE to, but this is the culmination of all his years in school and it seems so.......... tear.....tear.....tissue....RJ WHERE'S MY TISSUE?... final.

But it isn't and yet it is, as far as the first days of school goes, but there will be so many firsts for him to look forward to, and what a Blessing this guy is.

Okay let me start by saying that you are going to get SO tired of posts about Dak and all his Last Firsts, but I just feel I must document. I want to look back and click on these tabs and see it all together, so please bear with me over the next NINE MONTHS.....sorry that's just the way school and life goes =) as I document.....there will be LOTS of pics of this year, but also lots of pics of times past of my boy.

Well, today is the start of his last year of High School.

Here is my boy, I thought on the first day of school Kindergarten, but actually it is the summer after his Kindergarten year, but you get the idea.

Look at this side-by-side.......

Oh I LOVE this shot!!!.......

Yep that's my boy.....

So cute.....

And here's where it gets mom-ish.....and papparazi-ish (thanks RJ, I'm using that I tell ya....)
RJ left a comment saying yesterday that Dak would just start thinking of me as the papparazi. I told Dak that, this morning........

He laughed, thought that it was funny......

And gave me one of these.....

And there he goes..........
Off for his Senior Year of High School.....
tear. and LOVE!!!!!

And so it begins.....


  1. HAHA!!!! Glad it put a smile on his face this morning!

    I cant believe that's him so small! Man, they grow up (LITERALLY) so fast!!!!!

    I saw you did it - I was gonna say "label" the posts you do so you can go back & see them all in once place... but you're on top of your game already!

    I think we're all excited to go through this year with you & with Dak. Its a fun, exciting, emotional time... "Last Firsts" ... that's two powerful words when put together... holds lost of memories when you think back at the Last Firsts in a life. Let Dak know he needs to enjoy every minute of it - they'll be with him forever!

    HUGS to you friend! I've got tissue right next to my computer just in your honor today! :)

    Love ya lady!

  2. Dawn I loved the picture of K. Thats how I remember him when he came to school. Seems like only yesterday. How times flies. He is growing up, enjoy this year. Love you.

  3. Oh be still my heart....for that will be my Connor-boo soon! It happens so fast! Enjoy all the last firsts and treasure all these moments up in your heart!!! You are a wonderful Momma!!! Dak is so handsome!!!
    And I am SOOOOO a paparazzi momma, too! :)

  4. I won't get tired of them. I understand completely! And document away...these are precious memories.

    God bless you and thank you for praying for my son.

  5. Love the photos! I so understand as our last child at home is preparing for her Senior year of high school to begin Monday after next. Where does the time go?!!

    Love you and praying for Dak!